You Must Visit Darlington Park In New Jersey

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While growing up my family didn’t have much. Neither of my parents made much money, and many times we barely got by. There were even a few times when we almost got kicked out of our apartment, because we couldn’t afford the rent. I’ll never forget the macaroni & cheese we ate for dinner. Or the hand me down clothes that my uncle and aunt gave to me. They were also responsible for giving me my first bicycle. Under such conditions we never had money to travel. It wasn’t until I started making my own money to be able to travel. The first time I got on a plane to New York City I hated it. It was too noisy and congested. But after multiple visits I started liking it, including the surrounding areas. On my last trip there to Suffern, New York I got to visit Darlington Park.

Darlington Park In New Jersey Is Special

When you grow up in a mid-sized city such as Rochester, New York you don’t get to experience much. You get use to the same places and scenery. This causes your mind to get bored and also lose it’s creativity.

You no longer notice the scenery or little things going on around you. Everything that seemed fun as a child, is no longer interesting. This is when you start to get old.

But there’s a way to turn this all around and start enjoying the world around you again. Traveling allows you to enjoy a change of scenery, and see new places while meeting unique people.

One such place that I enjoyed very much was Darlington Park in New Jersey. I was staying in Suffern, New York which has a population of only 10,000.

We wanted to get out and explore and see some wildlife. After much consideration, we decided that Darlington Park in New Jersey would be the perfect place.

Mini waterfall at Darlington Park in New Jersey.
Mini waterfall at Darlingtonn Park in New Jersey.

Upon arriving, the first thing that I noticed was the stream with a great little wooden bridge. I was immediately attracted to it. Maybe it was the calming effect of the running water, or just something new and unique to look at.

Walking along the lake at Darlington Park in New Jersey.
Walking along the lake at Darlington Park in New Jersey.

After we took some pictures of the stream, we headed over to the lake. The lake was surrounded by benches to sit at with a nice gravel path to walk along.

Five geese at Darlington Park in New Jersey.
Five geese at Darlington Park in New Jersey.

Geese crossing stream at Darlington Park in New Jersey.
Geese crossing stream at Darlington Park in New Jersey.

As we passed the fishermen, we saw a gang of geese that seemed to be in charge of another stream pointing towards the main road.

Darlington Has A Scary Section Of Woods

Everything seemed fun and inviting until we got to a part of the path that lead into a dark forest. I was temped to go inside, but my little lovey dovey was afraid to venture in. She was worried that there might be bears or other dangerous wildlife hiding within the shrubbery. Seeing that there were other forms of wildlife around, I agreed with her and decided to call it a day.

Entrance to dark forest.
Entrance to dark forest.

Dark forest.
Dark forest.

There’s a possibility that we might go back to Darlington Park in the near future, and might explore the dark forest.

Until then, I hope you enjoyed this post, and let me know what you think.

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