Xootr Kick Scooter Wheels Are Ultra-Fast

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Xootr kick scooter wheels are the key to all Xootr kick scooters high performance. And let me tell you, these wheels feel like rockets on the pavement in an urban jungle.

What makes Xootr kick scooter wheels so incredibly fast?

All of Xootr’s kick scooter wheels are custom made for the Xootr push scooter. They’re not available on any other kick scooter on the market.

These wheels are made by molding polyurethane onto aluminum centers. Countless hours were spent on creating this polyurethane blend and testing it. Xootr became obsessed with getting the right combination of speed and durability.

As a result, these wheels offer the lowest rolling resistance of any small-wheeled vehicle. And the larger size (180 mm) keeps them from getting hung-up in cracks and other imperfections on the riding surface.

Why should you care about rolling resistance?

In a human-powered vehicle traveling at speeds of about 10 mph (16 kph) on level ground, nearly all of your effort goes into overcoming rolling resistance. WOW, THAT’S A LOT!

Rolling resistance is pure dissipation of your energy. The less resistance, the less effort you have to apply to get where you’re going.

See the chart below for a quantitative assessment of what this means to you.

It’s obvious that Xootr scooter blew the competition away!
It’s obvious that Xootr scooter blew the competition away!

After riding the Xootr, all skateboards, in-line skates, and other competitive adult scooters will feel like they’re rolling through mud. Yes, the Xootr is that FAST!

Who loves Xootr kick scooter wheels?

Everyone loves Xootr kick scooter wheels, including myself. That’s because Xootr’s wheels are FAST, SMOOTH GLIDING, AND FUN!

Xootr’s type-A, hyper-analytical engineers on the team knew that these wheels would create die-hard fans.

But of course just telling us how phenomenal their wheels are wasn’t enough.

To further support their claims of scooter wheel superiority, Xootr ran some tests with the Xootr against the competition.

They measured the speed of these products rolling down a 1% grade (a just noticeable incline).

Here’s what they found

The Xootr destroyed the competition without even breaking a sweat. A Xootr scooter rolls almost twice as fast as a nice skateboard (with Kryptonics 65mm wheels). And 50 percent faster than the cheap scooters that use 100mm in-line wheels, like the Razor brand scooters.

200mm (about 9 inches) Pneumatic tires like the Know-Ped scooter uses, barely roll on this incline.

I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t even recommend one of these for a child.

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