What’s A Xootr Scooter’s Top Speed

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Hey Steve, I’ve owned a few different Xootr Scooters over the last few years, (a Xootr Mg and Xootr Cruz) and absolutely love them. Before I got heavily into Xootr Scooters I use to ride around on the cheaper, smaller ones with a cramped up deck. They rode slow, never lasted long, and didn’t allow me to put both feet on the deck at the same time. So, thank you for providing such an excellent product. What I wanted to ask you is what’s a Xootr scooter’s top speed?


I’ve heard that soap box derby cars have used Xootr scooter wheels for racing, so I assume that these wheels can go extremely fast under the right conditions. Or is the soap box derby cars using Xootr scooter wheels a myth?

Let’s assume I find a steep hill that’s reasonable straight with no winding turns, potholes, and no pebbles or stones. Even though it only exists in a perfect world, let’s just pretend this road is flawlessly smooth.

There’s no wind on this particular day, with no traffic to worry about. I get a good amount of speed initially from kicking, bend my knees, lean back to lower wind resistance, and roll downhill for at least 3-4 miles.

What do you think a Xootr scooter’s top speed is under such ideal conditions? Or what’s the fastest speed you’ve known a Xootr scooter to go?

Thank you for taking the time to answer my question Steve.


Hello My Friend,

For many years soap box derby racers used our wheels and bearings and have done quite well, many races were won along with second and third place finishes.

The folks that lost used very expensive German wheels and couldn’t figure out how to take down these cars with a much less expensive wheel. I would get calls all the time asking me about our wheels and what type of bearings we used etc.

Xootr wheels are made of a rubber polyurethane compound.
Xootr wheels are made of a rubber polyurethane compound.

Our wheels are a rubber polyurethane compound but I never divulge the actual ratio of  rubber/polyurethane. This was  something Nathan figured out and not only are our wheels fast but they last as well.

Wheel tester built by Nathan.
Wheel tester built by Nathan.

Soap Box Cars typically hit a speed of 30 mph but our wheels can go much faster. Nathan built a wheel tester and after much trial an error finally got exactly what he wanted.

Many years ago a guy, I don’t know his name, did exactly what you described and I remember his top speed around 60 mph.

I sent you pics of the devices Nathan designed and built in order to fully test our Xootr wheels that we use today.


To find out more about Xootr scooters, visit: https://www.xootr.com/

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Xootr Scooterhttps://www.xootr.com/
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