Walmart For Minimalist Urbanites

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I Love Shopping At Walmart

Every Saturday, since Walmart opened about a mile away, I’ve been shopping there.

And here’s why

Just like you, I live, work, shop, and commute in the city.

And contrary to popular belief, us urbanites aren’t as broke as many people would assume.

Many urbanites such as myself work from home running our own businesses.

We no longer wake up each morning to commute to a job that makes someone else rich.

This is amazing and the only way to live, but……

We also understand how tough it is to make a living. Without the guaranteed paycheck that comes from working a regular job, it’s up to us to make sure we have income.

This involves working smart and spending money wisely.

And Walmart is a great place to do this

Walmart allows me to buy groceries and other daily essentials at lower prices than regular grocery stores.


What Real Benefits Does This Offer To Me?

Read on to find out. But first, let’s discuss how other urbanites and myself commute to Walmart.

How I Get To My Local Walmart And Do My Weekly Shopping

I use to prefer walking to Walmart using my Nike sneakers with Lock Laces to keep my feet comfortable, and avoid tripping over my shoelaces.

Here’s the Reason Why

Upon arriving at Walmart, I’d fold my little cart, and shove it under the Walmart shopping cart. This would make it easier to buy my groceries.

I could push the Walmart shopping cart through the store. Load it up. And easily cash out at the register when done.

Then afterwards, I could stand-off to the side while loading my little shopping cart with groceries.

Sometimes it would be a struggle trying to fit everything into this little shopping cart.

But in the end it always worked out.


The hardest time to pull it was in the winter, when the sidewalks covered with mushy snow.

It makes it tough because the wheels get stuck in the snow. Still, with extra effort and determination, I always overcame this amazing winter struggle.

Summer time on the other hand, presented it’s own set of problems to deal with.

There’s a steep hill that I had to climb on the way home. When the shopping cart’s loaded with heavy items, it’s a real challenge.

When the humidity was high, and the temperatures were scorching, I’d always work up a good sweat.

Sometimes, I had to take a little break after reaching the top of this monstrous hill. Still, as tough as it was, it was all worth it.

 Today Things Are Much Different

Now I’d rather take the RTS bus to Walmart.

Or my Brompton folding bike, because it easily fits in the shopping cart.

Then, when I’m all finished shopping, I unfold the Brompton.

Attach the Brompton Sport Bag.

Fill it up with groceries.

And ride home.

As you can see, Walmart is a great place for us urbanites to shop, even though it’s not perfect.

Despite Walmart Not Having The Best Customer Service, I Still Prefer Shopping There

I know Walmart doesn’t have the best service. There’s been times when I’ve waited an eternity for someone to help me with a question.

On many occasions, I’ve asked a store representative questions about a product. Only to find out that they had no clue what they were talking about.

A Perfect Example Of This Was the Time I Bought A Mountain Bike To Commute To Work.

This was about 8 years ago when I was getting back into bicycling. I wanted a cheap bicycle to ride in all types of weather, and not be enticing to thieves.

At the time I didn’t know much about bicycles for commuting, because the types of bicycles available on the market had changed dramatically over the years.

When I was growing up they only had two types of bicycles. They had BMX or 10 speeds.

I asked which types of bicycles would be best for riding all year round.

He didn’t know much about gears, which tires would be most durable and safe in all conditions, or accessories.

Fortunately I have learned a lot about the best bicycles for urban commuting, such as my Brompton and Tern. And even the Xootr MG Scooter for short distances and travel

Getting A Money Order At Walmart Takes So Long, You Might As Well Pitch A Tent And Spend The Night

Another example of how Walmart doesn’t have the best service, is how long it takes to get a money order.

They always have one employee working at the service counter, and the money order machine is always broken.

The young woman at the counter always has to reset the computer.

Or put new, blank money orders in the printer.


It constantly chews them up like PAC MAN.

Getting A Money Order Is Very Frustrating.

The lines move slower than Heinz Ketchup in a glass bottle.

Yet, we still get them at Walmart because they are 50 percent cheaper than anywhere else.

We’ve decided that the extra frustration and time is worth saving a bit of money.


The Check Out Lines At Walmart Are Longer Than A Fully Loaded Freight Train

The money order line is not the only thing that is extremely frustrating. The check out lines at Walmart are always longer than a fully loaded freight train.

It is very stressful trying to find a check out line that is short. Walmart never has enough cashiers available to handle the huge volume of shoppers.

And it’s even worse during the first week of the month.

Every Time We Go There, Over Half the Check Out Counters Are Empty.

Some of the cashiers are also very slow, and act like they really don’t care.

Over time we’ve come to know which cashiers are slow. And which ones are fast. So now, we choose our check out counters carefully.

Unless there’s a problem with a customer’s credit card or receipt. Then the little out of service light comes on, and it can take forever for a manager to come over and solve the problem.

You are probably wondering why we still shop at Walmart despite the lousy service, lack of product support, and the long slow lines.

Walmart Has Come A Long Way Since It’s Humble Beginnings In Small Towns

As you already know, Walmart has come a long way since it’s humble beginnings. At first, Walmart was only in small towns, selling cheap products from overseas.

Today, Walmart is a retail giant offering every type of product imaginable. They now sell clothes, electronics, toys, and even groceries.

I’ve purchased clothes from Walmart on many occasions. The work that I use to do had me in all types of weather. I was always working on something that had the potential to ruin my clothes.

That’s Why I Started Buying All My Clothes From Walmart.

I stopped buying expensive T-shirts and underwear from places such as Macy’s.

A T-Shirt and a pair of underwear costed twice as much as a pack of five from Walmart.

And nobody could tell the difference in quality. Now I buy all my jogging sets that I sleep in at Walmart, instead of the expensive pajama’s that don’t even come with a matching top.

But wait, there’s more which is even better

This Apple Tablet That I Use To Write All My Phenomenal Posts For AndyThousand.Com Was Purchased From Walmart

Clothes aren’t the only thing that I buy from Walmart. This Apple tablet that I use to write all my phenomenal blog posts, was purchased from Walmart.

I got this Apple tablet for a sweet price along with the wireless keyboard and protective case.

I wouldn’t have paid this incredible low price anywhere else.

Plus, there was no need for me to get the iPad with the most memory, because I don’t use it to store photos or music.

All I needed was something that was super portable and reliable to write my blog posts. Places like Staples wanted much more.

And Amazon had great prices, but charged for shipping and handling.

It was much cheaper to buy from my local Walmart.

Plus, I didn’t have to wait for delivery and hope that I was home to receive it. Things got stolen before, because USPS left them on the front porch.

By the Time I Got Home My Items Were Gone.

When I contacted the United States Postal Service, they said there was nothing they could do.

I Learned A Hard Lesson.

Always buy local, and avoid having anything shipped to the house if possible.

Or have them shipped straight to your job like I did to make sure that you receive them.

Walmart also allows you to order online with free delivery to your home.

They are now competing with Amazon.

Walmart Sells A Large Selection Of Groceries, And The Prices Are Unbeatable

The large choice of groceries is the main reason I love shopping at Walmart.

Grocery Prices Over the Last Few Years Have Increased Rapidly.

It’s becoming more expensive to buy our favorite foods, especially healthy options.

I’m not one to go out and eat dinner or lunch anymore. At one point I was going out every Friday to eat dinner. And buying lunch all week while at work.

This was not only very expensive, it was very unhealthy.

In order to buy healthy food at restaurants, you have to pay a lot extra. Many times you have no idea what you’re eating.

Your food will be loaded with extra calories, sodium and unhealthy fats.

If you do go out to eat, make sure you research the best places to go, like I did.

I finally got smart, and started eating most of my meals at home. This way I’m able to control what I’m eating, and in the process I’ve become much healthier.

My body weight went down, and I’m more energetic than I’ve ever been.

Plus I’ve been able to save over $100 per week in expenses on food.


Walmart allows me to eat like this while still saving money.

As A Result…….

Walmart has a huge choice of food at extremely low prices. Every Saturday, we go to Walmart for a pre-cooked chicken.

The chicken is clean, cooked, and ready to go. It costs just as much as a raw chicken, minus all the work of cleaning and cooking it. We usually buy all types of sides to go with it, along with our usual grocery items.


Walmart Allows Me To Save Money By Buying Cheaper Brands And Taking Advantage Of Discounts.

What I love about Walmart, is the choice of food from cheaper manufacturers.

I always look at the ingredients list, and the cheaper brands such as Great Value isn’t any different from the larger, more expensive brands.

They contain the same ingredients at a lower price. The only difference is the cheaper packaging. But you’re not going to eat the packaging anyway.

So Why Does It Matter?

On average, I have saved over 50 percent on each item by buying the cheaper, less known brands.

Each week I pay $30-$40 on my grocery bills, that would normally cost $60-$75.

But Sometimes I Save Even More.

Walmart always has huge sales. I usually save an extra $4-$5 on every $10 spent. That’s not including coupons. If I use coupons I can pay next to nothing. There’s been many occasions where I’ve only paid $20 for $60 in groceries.


Still, I Have Some Very Simple And Effective Strategies I’d Like To Share With You To Make Your Walmart Shopping Even More Enjoyable

I’ve already mentioned some ways that I save money while shopping at Walmart, but there’s still a few more that I find very useful.

Always Bring A List

A list can help you remember everything, and save you money. There’s been many times when we’ve went to Walmart and forgot something, because we didn’t bring our list.

Only after getting home did we realize, we forgot what we originally went there for in the first place. Bring your list and double-check everything before leaving the store.

A list will also keep you on a budget. Write everything down ahead of time for an estimate of the costs. This is very easy if you buy the same items every week.

By writing everything down, and sticking to the list, it will prevent you from buying extras. Once everything’s checked off the list, go home. This prevents you from buying anything extra.

Don’t Go Grocery Shopping When You’re Hungry

Before I go shopping, I make sure to eat. The reason I do this is because, everything looks good when you’re hungry.

I have overspent many times, because I bought extra food that wasn’t on the list, especially junk food. Once I got home I realized that I let my stomach do the talking, instead of the list that I made.

Buy the Cheaper Less Known Brands

As I’ve stated earlier, the cheaper, less known brands are just as good as the more expensive ones. They contain the same ingredients and taste no different.

Same goes for soaps, face and body washes, among other cosmetics. You’re just paying for the fancy packaging and advertising. Buy the cheaper brands and save over 50 percent, like I do.

Use Coupons And Take Advantage Of Sales

Walmart offers great prices on cheaper, less known brands. This alone will save you a bundle compared to other stores. Still, you can save even more by taking advantage of coupons and sales.

By buying two for the price of one and using coupons, you can save over 70 percent on your grocery bills.

I know because I do it all the time.


I’m what you call a minimalist urbanite. If you were to come to my house you wouldn’t see any fancy electronics or furniture.

My house is quite simple.

The television that I hardly watch is not that big, and considered outdated.

There’s no fancy entertainment systems or surround sound.

And that old couch that we sit on is over 18 years old, but still in decent shape.

As you can see, I live a very frugal life, and I love it.

Instead of buying material possessions that I don’t need, I save my money to avoid having to work tons of hours.

As a result

I keep up low credit card debt.

The reward is

I’m able to save for important reasons such as early retirement, or taking care of loved ones.

Walmart Save Me Money?

Walmart allows me to buy my favorite foods at a very low price.

They carry cheaper, less known brands that are the equivalent of the more expensive ones.

Overall, Walmart allows me to save on average, $40-$70 dolllars on groceries.

This Puts More Money Into My Pocket, So I Can Spend More Money On Important Things Such As Commuting

Maybe I have an obsession with folding bicycles and other urban transportation devices. And maybe I love my urban commuting gear too much.

But isn’t transportation always a great investment?



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