Waiting Room, Life, And A Xootr Scooter

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When do we figure out if our lives mean anything? Find out in “Waiting Room, Life, And A Xootr Scooter!”

We’re born

If we’re lucky, we have a mother who nurtures us, if not a supportive father too.

We go to school; we learn what’s safe, what’s approved: do what everybody else is doing. Groupthink. Try not to think for yourself, it’s too risky.

We choose partners, we have kids of our own, friends, successes, failures, experiences. We fight in the wars. We cheer for our favorite sports teams. We rant about the politicians, loving those we approve of, maligning those across the aisle. We age. We go gray, develop the usual system failures: cataracts, high blood pressure, arthritis, cancer, diabetes, and more.

There comes a day when as one close family member told me, she feels like she’s in a waiting room, waiting for her death to arrive, so she can get on to the next chapter. And in a sense we never really grasp the truth of what’s going on around us.

Through it all, it’s nice to break up the monotony with pleasurable activities. Travel. Read a book. Go to a movie. Get some exercise.


Somehow it gives meaning to my life to push off on my Xootr Mg scooter and move, move through the world and absorb sensory input from what I am causing to pass by due to my own physical effort.

This beats sitting in front of the TV, or wasting time looking at stupid stuff on the computer screen.
I figure a day with a scooter ride is a win.

It counts for something

Much more than how the stocks and bonds did that day, or how many died of Covid-19. The scooter is real. The people I pass are real. Our smiles and greetings give meaning to our lives, mine and theirs too.

We should all do it, to make the most of each day, before that time comes when it’s easier not to get out of the chair, not to get up from bed, not to engage ourselves with the world around us.

Today’s ride

Circle Park, in Downey, to Somerset Avenue in Compton, on the Los Angeles River Trail. 7 miles RT. Come on. Do it with me.

Thank you for joining us

We would like to thank you for joining us, and reading this post. Let us know if you enjoyed this post in the comments section below.

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Jonathan Kelleyhttps://www.jonathankelley.net/
Jonathan Kelley, 80, was born in Boston, and educated at Exeter and Princeton, then Harvard Medical School, after a year teaching English in Cali, Colombia. He was a Navy anesthesiologist during Viet Nam. He spent the middle decades of his life working in a community hospital in Northern California. Besides his career in medicine, he’s a chef, pianist, and actor in his artistic life. In the kitchen, he specializes in croissants and cooking with coconuts. At the piano, it’s boogie woogie and Joplin rags. As an actor, he’s done fourteen seasons in a Mexican Christmas play in Los Angeles, plus the occasional movie role, as in the soon-to-be-released feature film “Amor en 266 Millas,” where he plays the hippie patriarch of a desert commune in the Antelope Valley. He has two books available on Amazon, “Counting Backwards from 100: My Life as an Anesthesiologist,” and “Short Stories by Jonathan Kelley.” Searching for improved balance and leg strength at age 77, Jonathan came by chance upon a Xootr scooter. Jonathan’s wife is the lovely Puerto Rican actress Gloria Laino. Their mix is like Puerto Rican arroz con gandules served next to New England style cranberry sauce.

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