WAHOO RPM Speed Sensor: How To Install And Test

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Today, we welcome back BikeBlogger, who’s going to be telling us in this featured video, how to install and test the cycling Wahoo RPM speed sensor.

Here’s what BikeBlogger has to say in this video about installing and testing the Wahoo RPM speed sensor

In today’s video I explain how to install the cycling Wahoo RPM Speed sensor, and test it for accuracy using 2 apps and 3 tests on the bike!

Watch the video for complete details

APP #1 RideWithGPS – third party Android app


APP #2 Wahoo Fitness Workout Tracker – Wahoo’s Android app


Test #1 – Start and stop: Does the speed censor read 0 MPH when stopped, or how long does it take to update?

Test #2 – Slow roll: Is the speed sensor reading stable or does it jump up and down a lot?

Test #3 – Fast and slow: Does the sensor react quickly to changing speeds?


The RideWithGPS app has lots of great features but I’m not certain it is very accurate when paired with the Wahoo speed sensor.

There could be many reasons for inaccuracies, including different settings within the app. How the app reads and records the Wahoo sensor data. Or if it compensates with GPS speed data.

RideWithGPS can export in many different formats including GPX, FIT, TCX, KML.

You must do this on their website, or share a link to your ride and then export the file from that URL.

The Wahoo app may be more accurate and less cumbersome to set up if all you want is the speed and date.

I feel more comfortable seeing the sensor connection on the front page, so I don’t have to to deep into the app menus to verify it is on and working.

Wahoo only exports in the .fit file format. So you must use another program to convert to GPX. But, you can export directly to third party apps, including RideWithGPS, and then export from RideWithGPS as file formats GPX, FIT, TCX, KML.

Bluetooth sensors can be more reliable and accurate than pure GPS speed tracking. GPS is only as good as your signal, and your GPS device or phone’s antenna.

You might be able to boost GPS accuracy if you turn Mobile data, on so you can have access to nearby cell towers.

Of course these things will drain battery life, which also affects accuracy.

An old fashioned wired magnet sensor is not prone to dropouts and is probably the most accurate, if you input the correct wheel circumference for your bike!

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O-Ring Kit here:


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