Volt Pulse Ebike Is Stylish And Great To Ride

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Developed by one of Britain’s leading Ebike brands, the Volt Pulse Ebike is one stylish and great bicycle to ride.

Meet the Company Behind the Volt Pulse Ebike

In 2010, Volt was founded by two brothers, James and Lyle Metcalfe. Both being avid cyclists, while traveling in China, they noticed that everyone was riding older versions of ebikes.

At the time, ebikes didn’t exist in the UK, so they decided to go into business for themselves, and open an office in a historic courtyard near London Bridge.

After a year of traveling and researching their product, Volt came to life in the family’s garage in Buckingshire.

The brothers tested many bulky and inefficient ebikes, that had lousy batteries that barely got them around the block. That’s when the Metcalfe’s took up the challenge of reinventing and improving the urban ebike.

They started from scratch by building their frames from the ground up. Instead of just bolting unwieldy and heavy power packs to existing bikes, they instead created something that’s stylish and great to ride.

The Volt Pulse Ebike Is the Industry Leader With Many Brands Emulating Them

Today, the Volt Pulse Ebike is the leader in the electric bike industry with many other brands emulating them.

Volt ebikes are great for those who live in tiny apartments in big cities, such as New York City.

Metro folding electric bike.
Metro folding electric bike.

Volt models, such as the Volt folding Metro are easy to store in trailer homes, boats and caravans.

Riding the Volt Pulse Ebike in the city,
Riding the Volt Pulse Ebike in the city,

And for those who have to commute a little further to the office, Volts flagship Pulse is the bestseller.

These Stylish Ebikes Made In Poland And Then Assembled In the UK Have Some Amazing Features.

The Volt Pulse Ebike features the Spintech system that uses multiple sensors to connect you to your ride.

This allows you to choose between four power outputs shown on a LCD display unit.

With a continuous spin motor encased inside the back hub, while the Panasonic battery sits discreetly behind the rear seat stay, it allows easy access. You can either charge it while on or off the bike.


Volt ebikes are great for those who have a commute between 8-12 miles which seems to be the sweet spot.

With a traditional bicycle, this may be too far for most people, but with an ebike, this is a great range.

Volt obviously has been doing great, because sales are now about 50/50 between men and women, with the average age coming down.

Sales use to come from people in their 50’s, but now millennials in their 20’s are seeing the value in ebikes, and buying them also.

For many of you, that have tried an ebike in the past and been disappointed by hesitant power, you’re in for a huge surprise with the Volt Pulse Ebike.

The Pulse is not only a very stylish ebike, it’s also smooth, agile and great to ride.

Check out these great specs:

Volt Pulse ebike
Gears Shimano Alivio
Motor 250W SpinTech
Battery 400 or 646Wh
Range 60 or 90+ miles
Weight 19.5kg



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