Trek Powerfly FS9 Equipped Electric Mountain Bike

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The Trek Powerfly FS9 Equipped is built like a mountain bike, with a durable aluminum frame that fully encases a long-range 625Wh battery. A powerful Bosch Performance CX (250Wh, 85 Nm) motor that helps you sustain speeds of up to 20 mph or 32 km/h. And a SmartphoneHub controller that can be used with or without your phone.

Plus, a SR Suntour Zeron 35 120mm suspension fork. 100mm of rear travel with a RockShox SIDLuxe Select+ shock. Powerful 4-piston hydraulic brakes. Bontrager Line Comp 30 wheels. A 12-speed Shimano XT drivetrain. And a dropper post for getting low on descents.

$6,000 // 59.5 LB (L)

Why you’ll love it

  1. It comes equipped with fenders, a rear trunk rack, and lights that are powered by the battery so you’re ready to ride right from the start
  2. Download the COBI.Bike app and your phone becomes an on-board computer. Attach it to SmartphoneHub to charge, make or take calls, listen to music, get turn-by-turn directions, and more
  3. Wide Line Comp 30 wheels provide more tire support so you get better traction and control
  4. Trek’s Removable Integrated Battery (RIB) system looks great and is super user-friendly: it fully hides the battery in the frame for protection, makes it easy to remove the battery without tools, and lets you mount a water bottle cage—even on full suspension e-MTBs
  5. The size S frame features a curved top tube that makes standing over the bike easier. Plus, Smart Wheel Sizing means you’ll get the fastest wheel that fits—29˝ wheels on larger frames, 27.5˝ wheels on smaller frames


Trek Powerfly FS9 Equipped

The Trek Powerfly FS9 Equipped.
The Trek Powerfly FS9 Equipped.

The Trek Powerfly FS9 Equipped may not be the hard-charging mountain bike you expect from a bike with those parts, but it will perform admirably on singletrack.

Adventure-ready accessories

Maximum utility thanks to pre-installed accessories.
Maximum utility thanks to pre-installed accessories.

Trek Powerfly FS9 Equipped gives you maximum utility thanks to pre-installed accessories. You get a kickstand, front and rear lights, narrower tires, plus fenders and a rear rack custom made for clean integration.

It’s an incredible capable commuter that feels most at home on rides with a mix of paved streets, dirt roads, and smooth trails.

Bosch Performance Line CX motor

Powerful Bosch Performance Line CX.
Powerful Bosch Performance Line CX.

You can take the Trek Powerfly anywhere, thanks to it’s Bosch Performance Line CX, that sets the standard for eMTB performance with up to 85Nm of torque and an intelligent eMTB mode with Extended Boost that automatically adjusts the amount of assist based on the terrain.

Removable Integrated Battery

Paired with RIB, a one-piece 625WH battery, that will help get you there fast (up to 20mph) with minimal effort and exceptional range, and cover with a built-in handle that can easily be removed and re-installed in the frame with no tools and no hassle. It’s the most convenient way to remove your battery for transport, security, or just easier charging.

Custom eMTB Lite mode

Trek eMTBs feature a custom eMTB Lite mode.
Trek eMTBs feature a custom eMTB Lite mode.

Trek eMTBs feature a custom eMTB Lite mode in place of Tour mode, that delivers torque smoothly, and more closely mimics the feeling of riding unassisted. It gives you a more natural-feeling power delivery, longer battery life, and makes the bike easier to control off-road.

The final word

The Powerfly FS9 is a satisfying bike made for riders whose commutes require them to rip through rough trails, rail trails, and rugged terrain. Thanks to a plush suspension setup, powerful drive system, and loads of utility features, riders commutes may include a detour through the park or long stretches of gravel paths and rough roads.


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