Topo Designs Global Jacket Is Cool As Heck

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Designed by Topo Designs, a company rooted in mountain culture and outdoor living, but loves exploring cities and travel, the Topo Designs Global Jacket is cool as heck.


Topo Designs logo.
Topo Designs logo.


Topo Designs makes simple, Classic, well designed products that are durable. Extremely versatile. And can be used in all-weather conditions, no matter if you’re commuting around town. Out on the trail. Or traveling the globe.


The Classic inspired, waterproof Topo Designs Global Jacket can do it all.


How Do I Know How Incredible the Topo Designs Global Jacket Is?

Topo Designs sent me their impressive looking, able to do-everything, Topo Designs Global Jacket in a sleek black color, for review.

Topo Designs Global Jacket in olive color.
Topo Designs Global Jacket in olive color.


The Topo Designs Global Jacket comes in three different colors, black, olive, and clay, with olive being my preferred choice.


Unfortunately, they only had the black available in my size, which isn’t surprising.


Topo Designs products go fast, because they not only design stuff they’d use themselves, but also what their adventurous customers need while on the go.


The Topo Designs Global Jacket Is Exactly What A Commuter Like Me Requires

As an avid commuter, bicyclist and traveler, I need gear that doesn’t let me down when I need it the most.


During my commutes I must prepare for anything that nature throws at me.


There’s been many occasions where I’ve been far from home, such as the time I was In New York City. I was traveling from JFK International Airport to Jamaica Station, when a sudden downpour occurred.


Plus, the other times I commuted home on my bicycle, and a heavy thunderstorm started.


By the time I arrived home, I was so drenched, even my sneakers were full of water.


And let’s not forget the one time I rode home in a snow storm.


It’s times like this where I need gear that’s versatile. Suitable for most weather. And as durable as steel.


Well, after testing the Topo Designs Global Jacket out for a week, I can definitely say that it meets all my high expectations, plus more.


Testing the Topo Designs Global Jacket

Testing the Topo Designs Global Jacket has been a real pleasure. On all my weekly commutes, this jacket has been my faithful, rugged but classy looking companion.


During my trip to the grocery store, this jacket protected me from tornado force winds, frigid temperatures, and unpredictable pouring rain.


Check Out These Amazing Features

Made from 3oz breathable polyester, this jacket has a 10k waterproof rating. This means that it can be pouring like crazy with rain coming from all directions, like the day I took the RTS bus to the grocery store, and the water will just bead up on the exterior.


There’s also a structured visor hood with cord locks and aluminum cord caps, paired with an extended collar. This was a very helpful feature during my commute, because I was able to zip the waterproof YKK zippers, resulting in not only protecting my head, but also covering the front of my whole neck.


Waterproof YKK zippers.
Waterproof YKK zippers.


And the Waterproof YKK zippers didn’t leak because they have a protective flap on the outside, that seals when zipped, making the zippers hidden. With a protective flap on the interior.


It’s Impossible for these zippers to leak.


Another great feature of this rain jacket are the oversized pockets with mesh venting. These pockets will definitely come in handy during my bicycle commutes in warmer weather.


Oversized hand pockets with mesh venting.
Oversized hand pockets with mesh venting.


If I start to heat up while riding, all I have to do is open the pockets and let the ventilation cool me off. And during the cooler weather, which I’ve already done, I can use the pockets to hold my keys, and other daily essentials.


My Favorite Feature Of This Jacket Is the Hidden Internal Zippered Security Pocket

Out of all the great features that I’ve mentioned, the hidden internal zippered security pocket is still my favorite.


Many times when a company designs a lightweight rain jacket, that’s also able to be rolled up compact for travel, they don’t include an internal pocket.


While it’s great to have two oversized exterior pockets, there’s many occasions when an internal pocket is necessary.


I often travel to New York City, and stay at small towns such as Suffern, New York. Having easy access to my cell phone, while still keeping dry during rainy weather is important.


And beginning in 2020, all passengers aboard airlines must have either an enhanced license or a passport to fly.


Hidden internal zippered security pocket.
Hidden internal zippered security pocket.


This hidden internal zippered security pocket is just the right size for both my cell phone and my passport.


Plus, I don’t have to worry about not having fast access to either or losing them, because this pocket has a zipper.


Will This Rain Jacket Keep You Warm During Cold Weather?

At first I was very skeptical about wearing this jacket on a cold rainy day. I’ve tested a few rain jackets before, and their performance was very disappointing.


They would either feel very cold, due to not providing much protection from the wind.


Or they would have a sticky, clammy feeling, from not preventing 100% of the rain from seeping through.


The Topo Designs Global Jacket comes in three different colors, black, olive and clay. But all are 100% waterproof.
The Topo Designs Global Jacket comes in three different colors, black, olive and clay. But all are 100% waterproof.


Surprisingly, this rain jacket not only blocked out 100% of the rain, but also didn’t have that clammy damp feeling to it.


Of course I had to wear a hoodie underneath, and use the rain jacket as an outer shell, because it’s not exactly a winter jacket. But for how light and compact is it, it was incredibly warm, making it suitable for all-weather conditions, whether you’re commuting locally or traveling.


This Rain Jacket Is Made For Traveling the Globe

And while we’re talking about traveling, let’s not forget another handy feature that makes this rain jacket superb for those who like to travel light.


Whenever I fly into places such as JFK International Airport, I like to travel with my Origaudio El Dorado Roll Top Backpack. This not only allows me to store it under the seat in front of me while aboard the plane. It also prevents the airline from losing my luggage, because it doesn’t need to be checked.


I like to roll all my clothes military style, to make space in my backpack. This rain jacket makes it easier, because it’s equipped with a Packfast Packing Band. All I need to do is roll the rain jacket up. Put the Packfast Packing Band on it.


And then just go.


I Was Also Very Comfortable While Wearing This Rain Jacket

Remember that 3oz breathable polyester that I mentioned earlier. Well, it’s not just your normal everyday polyester that you’ll find on all the other ordinary rain jackets. This one has a special feature to it that makes it exceptional comfortable.


A classic fit rain jacket like this looks very classy, because it doesn’t fit loosely. Normally this wouldn’t be a problem, because were not performing any physically activity.


The problem is that while we’re running, walking, and bicycle commuting, we’re performing movements that causes many jackets to bunch up. Or get tight in some areas.


But this jacket is different


Classic fit 3oz polyester with 2-way mechanical stretch and laminated grid print.
Classic fit 3oz polyester with 2-way mechanical stretch and laminated grid print.


With 2-way mechanical stretch and amazing laminated grid print in the interior, this rain jacket was just as comfortable while commuting as it was sitting in a meeting.


I could stretch forward, sit down, or squat to pick something up, and still nothing bunched up or felt uncomfortable.


And the Hook-and-loop cuff adjustment kept the cuffs in place.




For those of you who are extremely physically active, and a little thinner, there’s hidden hem adjustments with pull cords in the pockets.


I didn’t need to use them, because the rain jacket fit me just right, but it’s great to have them just in case.



Created by Topo Designs, the Topo Designs Global Jacket is a very nice looking jacket with some impressive features.


Made out of 2.5 layer polyester with mechanical stretch, this rain jacket will not only keep you warm, but also dry during the worst weather.


Taped seams and waterproof YKK zippers will keep water and moisture out.


A structured visor hood with cord locks and aluminum cord caps, along with extended collar will keep your head and neck dry.


Oversized hand pockets with mesh venting will keep you cool in warmer weather.


Or hold all your daily essentials during cooler weather.


And the hidden internal zippered security pocket, which is one of my favorite features, will keep important stuff such as your cell phone or passport safe during travel.


Signature hang/dry loop.
Signature hang/dry loop.


Plus, if it does rain very hard during your commute or traveling, there’s a handy signature hang/dry loop on the back of the jacket.


Overall, I’m very pleased with the Topo Designs Global Jacket. And would highly recommend it for the avid daily commuter or global traveler.


This Is Definitely One Cool Jacket!





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