The Most Essential Brompton Maintenance Tip – Clean It!

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In this featured video, Brilliant Bikes is going to tell you About the most essential Brompton maintenance tip.

Here’s what Brilliant Bikes has to say about the most essential Brompton maintenance tip

This is our Brompton maintenance top tip – keep your Brompton folding bike clean.

This video show how to clean the essentials:

  • Brakes / rims
  • Drive chain (sprockets / jockeys wheels / chain and chainring)

Keeping the braking surfaces and drive chain of your Brompton will make the components last longer and save your money in the long run.

This is attempt 4 of this video – and we finally managed to make it!

Watch the video for complete details

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About Brilliant Bikes

We are creating a better place …

where we help you get to work or to the shops or just get out for a ride in a fun, healthy and environmentally responsible way – and with the right equipment so that you are pretty sure it’s not going to be a one way trip.

We started vittually in 2009, selling bicycle tools, spare parts and accessories using the Internet.

In 2013 we opened our first shop in Chobham, Surrey, England so we now provide full mechanical service on all types of bikes (service, repair, upgrades and custom builds) as well as sales of new bikes from Brompton, Frog (children’s bikes), Orbea (mountain, road and hybrid / comfort) and Pashley (British built classic bicycles).

To us, cycling doesn’t mean you have to race at elite level (though is there any reason not to?) – why not just take your bike next time you go to the Post Office or local shops?

But maybe you need to do something, to make your bike better for that ride – repairing something or adding lights to keep you safer – for example?

We hope you will find what you need here to help you keep cycling or re-kindle the love affair with your bike. If you cant find it – please drop us a line by clicking here …….

About OUR place we’re creating for you……

Ours is a place where everyone is treated as a person, with the dignity and respect that they deserve. Maybe you are browsing the internet looking for stuff based purely on price, not thinking about quality, we are competitive though only sell quality products – sorry this is NOT the place for you.

About our stuff…..

We will only supply you with stuff which we would use ourselves – yes including our Brompton.

Why settle for good when you can have BRILLIANT?

However, if you have to pay to park in your local town centre – it may be cheaper to buy and take advantage of our free delivery to mainland UK

Interested in what makes us tick?

Improving – our tagline is “Creating a better place ….” we try and do that with everything, it’s why we ask for so much feedback (sorry if it’s overwhelming). We believe in constant and never ending improvement.

Fun – we are here (probably like you?) to have fun in life and everything we do – we don’t want life to be too serious – after all, we only get one attempt! That also gives us license to be a bit different (special! Some people call it)

Flexibility – we will do our best (as long as it is responsible) to give you what you are looking for. If there is something you are looking for but can’t find, ask us – we may be able to help. If we can’t we will do our best to point you in the right direction. Of course, flexibility means change too – so check back!

Energy – we put our energy into what we do – because we enjoy what we do.

Honesty / integrity – we believe that everyone does the best they can – so we trust you and hope that you will repay that trust.

Respect – treat others as you would like to be treated – it really works for us.

Charity – we will not survive as a business without making money, but we will give a percentage of our profits to charity.

Learning / curiosity – standing still leads to boredom and inflexibility. We aim to keep learning, changing and growing. We don’t know everything, but by constantly learning and using what we learn we will constantly improve.

Helpfulness – we are here to help you ….

Why did we start doing this?

Well, we love cycling (as well as work – it’s the same thing after all) but got fed up with two things:

1/ Ordering stuff and it not arriving when we wanted, or looking reasonably priced until we discovered the shipping charge on the final checkout page or getting the wrong thing (or worse nothing) delivered.

2/ Being treated as stupid because we didn’t know everything. After all no-one knows everything, but some places seem to try and make you feel small just because they can – and that’s not right (in our way of thinking at least!)

So we decided to try and help others by doing it better, and not just better – but brilliantly. Maybe we are not there yet, but we are constantly getting better.

So, get on your bike, push yourself

and help us to create a better place.

We love our work!

How to find and contact Brilliant Bikes

To find and contact this cool bicycle and gear company called Brilliant Bikes, check out It’s here, where you’ll find out the latest about bikes, and of course the latest gear that they recommend.

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