Teleworking, Does It Work? Working From Home!

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In today’s Featured video, “Teleworking, Does It Work? Working From Home!,” BikeBlogger is going to tell you how to successfully work from home.

BikeBlogger is a bicycle commuter that normally rides his bike to work, and back home each day. Unfortunately, he’s had to change the way he works, like many of us, by teleworking.

How does one make teleworking successful?

In order to make teleworking successful, it takes self-discipline, self-motivation and effective time management skills.

This featured video by Bikeblogger will provide the following tips on how to make teleworking successful for you.

Location of your workspace

It’s beneficial to pick a location, even if it’s not a separate room, that’s quiet and free from distractions.

Create a daily “To-Do” list

Plan your daily goals and work assignments by creating a list, and then reviewing that list at the end of the day to assess your progress.

Stick to your deadlines

It’s hard to stay on track when working away from the office. This is when you need to stay focused and make sure your assignments are turned in on time, or even early.

Don’t lose communication with your office

Professionals who work from home can sometimes be forgotten by those who work on-site at the office. Make sure you keep in contact with the office through e-mail, instant messaging, and phone.

Attend work functions

Showing up for work functions will show that you’re still involved and attached to your job, to work colleagues and management. Something that’s good for job security.

Learn to manage interruptions

Teleworking is fairly new to many workers, and family and neighbors still don’t understand that it’s still work. It’s important that family, friends, and neighbors understand that they have to respect your work times, by not interrupting you.

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How to find and contact BikeBlogger

To find and contact this cool, bicycle commuter called Bikeblogger, check out It’s here, where you’ll find out the latest about his bike commutes, the current bicycles he’s using for his commutes, and of course the latest gear that he recommends.

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