Take A Look Rear View Mirror Review

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Review of a Take A Look rear view mirror.
This mirror is designed to attach to one of the temporals of a rider’s sunglasses.

The idea is that the rider can then see what’s coming up from behind without turning one’s head away from what’s ahead.
I bought one of these mirrors to see if it was helpful when riding my Xootr Mg kick scooter.

No question, there’s a risk of being hit by what’s coming up from behind, whether it’s bicyclists, skateboarders, roller skaters or motor powered vehicles.

After reading Tom Babin’s excellent recent review of different rear view mirrors for cyclists in andythousand.com, I bought a Take A Look rear view mirror on eBay, for $12.57, from the_bikesmiths.

Attaching the Take A Look rear view mirror and using it

The mirror is easy to attach to sunglasses, and holds its position well. At the end of the day, it’s a relatively small mirror, appropriately sized for its place of use, but yielding a moving postage stamp sized view to the rear that tends to get lost in the full landscape view of what the rider sees up front.

The mirror on the left temporal of my sunglasses.
The mirror on the left temporal of my sunglasses.

I put the mirror on the left temporal of my sunglasses, thinking that I’d most likely be overtaken by vehicles on my left side. Because my right eye is my dominant eye, I learned that I can see what’s coming up from behind me better if I close my right eye, and cock my head to the position that I know will give me the best over-the-shoulder view.

On city streets, I simply missed seeing cars coming up behind me in Take A Look until they got within my field of peripheral vision.

Bicyclists, who are slower, were more noticeable, especially if they gave me a verbal alert. Then, it was helpful to get a glimpse to see if it was one bicyclist or a group of them.


All in all, I conclude that the Take A Look rear view mirror is helpful. It isn’t as informative as the fixed landscape view rear view mirror in your car.

Being able to see who’s coming up from behind you.
Being able to see who’s coming up from behind you.

With Take A Look you sometimes get a moving peek at what’s coming up from the rear. And the price is right. If it reduces by percentage points the risk of an accident caused by a vehicle approaching from behind, then it’s a cost-effective unobtrusive addition to one’s protective gear.

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