Save Yourself With A Pocket Umbrella

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It’s raining. It’s pouring. Oh no, it’s a thunderstorm. You knew it was going to rain before you left the house, but you still left the umbrella home. The reason why, is because regular umbrellas suck, even though they keep us dry. They’re either too long, requiring us to carry them around, looking like Mary Poppings. Or they still don’t fit nicely into our backpacks or jackets. What you truly need to save your a$$, is a pocket umbrella.

It’s Time To Call The Pocket Umbrella S.O.S. Squad

Image means everything. You can’t walk into work with wet clothes that look like they were painted on you.

You’re a sophisticated, modern man or woman who’s about to climb to the top of the business world.

For those of you who are a founder or CEO of a company, it’s even more important to look good in front of your clients.

Even though we gave up the stuffy Corporate America look a long time ago, we still have to dress for success.

Getting laughed at by our peers is unacceptable. You’re bound for success.

Time to call in the pocket umbrella S.O.S. squad.

What Can A Pocket Umbrella Do That Regular Umbrellas Can’t?

For starters, a pocket umbrella, especially if it’s a flat one, will fit just about anywhere.

You can put this pocket umbrella anywhere.
You can put this pocket umbrella anywhere.

You can put it in your coat pocket, without looking like you’re carrying a water cooler.

It will fit nicely into your briefcase, backpack, cinch sack, and even your pant pocket.

No more walking around looking like you have a gun in your pocket. This isn’t the Wild Wild West. You’re not Billy the Kid. And you’re definitely not about to have a shoot out at the O.K. Corral.

We’re no longer in the caveman days of technology, when cell phones looked like military walkie talkies. Everything is portable these days.

Our bicycles now fold for easy transport. We’ve replaced bulky laptops that feel like 500 lbs, with sleek, lightweight, but still powerful tablets, with tons of high-tech features. Our cell phones have become super powerful, while becoming almost as thin as paper, making them super portable.

We’ve come so far in the last decade, by making everything light, technologically advanced and, of course, portable.

If we can accomplish such great feats, then why can’t we develop an umbrella that can also fit seamlessly into our lives?

The Answer Is We Have

Many companies have already replaced the old stick umbrella along with their trusty sidekick, the folding umbrella.

Gone are the days of carrying umbrellas that are longer than walking sticks, or weigh more than an elephant, even though it folds.

Umbrellas such as the one Excursion Gear sent me for review, are lighter than your cell phone. Are sturdy enough to handle gusty winds. And are easy to store anywhere.

Pocket umbrella from Excursion Gear.
Pocket umbrella from Excursion Gear.

Just don’t buy a real expensive one, especially while traveling, because they are the most frequently lost item.

For a pocket umbrella that’s light, sturdy, and affordable at only $9.00, I highly recommend this one from Excursion Gear.

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