Rochester Art Supply Is Incredible!

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A Bag Filled With Items From Rochester Art Supply?

Whenever I went to the art studios, artists would always get very curious about my black shoulder bag. They always wanted to know what was in it. Of course, I would tell them it contained items from Rochester Art Supply.

Has Everything An Artist Could Ever Imagine

You need special paper, where ink and paint doesn’t bleed through? Rochester Art Supply has it!

Your next project requires coloring that only high-grade markers can produce? This Art Supply store has it!

Every Saturday I’d Shop At Rochester Art Supply

Every Saturday I’d take the RTS bus to the RTS Transit Center.

Then, put my Nike sneakers with Lock Laces to work, by walking the rest of the way to Rochester Art Supply.

And pick the needed supplies I’d be using, at one of the art studios during the week.

Became One Of My Favorite Places To Shop

With the largest choice of art supplies in the Rochester, New York region, Rochester Art Supply has everything available for any type of art project.

Plus, Rochester Art Supply has amazing customer service. In fact, the customer service was so phenomenal, I even became friends with a few members of the staff.

These amazing staff members kept my black shoulder bag filled with all types of interesting stuff, that kept all the artists wondering what was inside.

So exactly, what did I carry in my black shoulder bag to the art studios? Follow along and you’ll find out?


Rochester Art Supply Saved Me

I was deeply involved in creating portrait and figure art. And the type of tools that I was using was unique.

Using just markers and pencil, I’d create amazing comic style art. The problem was that these types of supplies were very hard to find. Just like many artists that came before me, I searched all over.

But as always, I came home from multiple craft and office supply stores, extremely frustrated.

Canson Poster Board


Originally, I was using regular drawing paper to sketch with markers. But the problem was that the ink would go right through the paper. This would create an uneven and blotchy looking drawing. What I needed was thicker and higher quality paper, that absorbed the marker better.

Fortunately, Rochester Art Supply carries the good stuff. After searching the endless supply that they have, I finally discovered Canson Poster Boards.

Canson Poster Boards is a heavyweight paper that’s specifically designed for use with pencil, ink and markers.

The smooth surface absorbs marker evenly, eliminating those uneven blotches you see on the cheaper paper. And if you’re using pencil, like I did, it easily erases if you make a mistake.

Canson Poster Board also has non-repro blue gridlines, that helps line up backgrounds, such as the ones I drew for my comic figure art.

With so many benefits, it’s no wonder many comic artists like Canson Poster Boards so much.

Of course, this would all be useless without great markers

Copic Sketch Markers


Now that I had Industry standard paper, that the color didn’t bleed through, I needed a way to produce the sharp colors and detail I was aiming for.

What I found was a brand that’s preferred by professional designers, architects, and of course comic artists.

This brand is known as Copic Sketch markers.

Copic Sketch Markers have a higher grade ink that doesn’t dry up when not being used.

And the high-end bristles lays the ink down on the paper more evenly.

The result when finished, is a vibrant, smooth color that makes the picture look professional, instead of something a pre-schooler colored.

Windsor Newton Promarker


Another brand of marker that is a favorite of mine, is the Windsor Newton Promarker.

Similar to the Copic Sketch Marker, the Windsor Newton Promarker also has high-grade ink that doesn’t dry fast or smear easily.

It also lays the color down on the paper evenly, producing that professional look that I’d always strive for.

The main differences are that, the Windsor Newton Promarker is cheaper than the Copic Sketch Marker, becasue they aren’t refillable.

When the Windsor Newton Promarker dries up, you just throw it out, instead of fighting with hard to remove caps that produce a huge mess.

Plus, I think the Windsor Newton Promarker lasts longer because the capsule has more ink.

Rochester Art Supply Carries Everything

Now if you ask me where I found all this great stuff, the answer is Rochester Art Supply on 150 Main Street in Downtown Rochester, NY.

Of course, paper and markers aren’t the only thing Rochester Art Supply carries.

A good friend of mine got me into using top quality pencils, that don’t smear while creating fine details.

This Amazing Pencil Is Known As The Palomino Blackwing

The Palomino has a softer lead that requires less pressure to draw with, but still doesn’t snap or smear as easily as the lead in the cheaper pencils.

Whenever I was drawing my comic figure art, I’d lay the drawing out first with pencil, because Palomino Blackwing pencils erase easily without leaving lead stains on the paper.

Maybe this is the reason John Lennon used them for all his drawings.

The only drawback to using Palomino Blackwind pencils is that they don’t last as long as regular pencils.

Having a much softer lead, requires sharpening them more often.

And Palomino Blackwing pencils aren’t cheap.

They tend to cost 10 times as much as regular school pencils.

What Other Stuff Did I Carry From Rochester Art Supply In My Black Shoulder Bag?

Besides just paper, pencils and markers, I’d carry a few other essential supplies in my black shoulder bag.

I’d carry a compass for making circles.

A t-square for drawing straight lines.

Erasers for when I made an occasional mistake.

And a pencil sharpener, to keep my pencils ready for action.

Rochester Art Supply Has Very Knowledgeable Staff

Of course, I couldn’t carry such amazing stuff without the knowledgeable staff at Rochester Art Supply.

There were many times, when I was looking for certain supplies to start an art project, and wasn’t sure which type of supplies to use.

I’d ask the friendly staff at Rochester Art Supply, and they’d know exactly what I’d need to get the job done.

This expertise isn’t by accident though.

Every staff member at Rochester Art Supply has been an artist at some point in their life.

Being experienced artists, they know which supplies work for certain types of art.

Rochester Art Supply staff members know their products inside out. Upside down. Left to right. And every other direction you can imagine.

And it definitely shows.

Has Great Customer Service

The staff isn’t just very knowledgeable, they also give exceptional customer service.

Whenever I walked into Rochester Art Supply, a very attentive and caring staff greeted me.

With a smile on their face, they never kept me waiting long to get help.

And they always took the time to help me find what I needed, and even offered suggestions.

Plus, if I wasn’t sure how to use the product properly, they’d take the time to educate me about it.

Or if they didn’t have exactly what I was looking for, they’d refer me to a place that did have it.

A perfect example of this, was one time when I was looking for plastic sleeves to put drawings in.

Rochester Art Supply didn’t have anything that I could use.

But, did tell about me a about place down the street called Bags Unlimited Inc.

I just had to mention that Rochester Art Supply sent me.

Within 15 minutes, I not only had what I was looking for, but also a few other things that I couldn’t find anywhere else.

Thank you so much to Sally at Rochester Art Supply. And to answer her question about whether I’d ever pose for Art, the answer is yes. I’ve just never been asked to.


So, if anybody ever asked me if I’d recommend Rochester Art Supply, the answer would be yes, with a huge smile on my face.

This Art Supply store has top-notch art supplies that can’t be found anywhere else.

They have extremely knowledgeable staff, that knows their products very well.

And outstanding customer service, where they go above and beyond.

So, would I highly recommend Rochester Art Supply to anyone who asks?

The answer to that would be, a huge yes.




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