Origaudio’s El Dorado Roll Top Backpack Is Perfect for Commuting And Travel

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Origaudio’s El Dorado Roll Top Backpack for review. This particular backpack is very versatile for those that like to hike, go exploring, and even travel.

Girl with Origaudio El Dorado Roll Top Backpack.
Girl with Origaudio El Dorado Roll Top Backpack.

What Makes The Origaudio El Dorado Roll Top Backpack Special?

What makes Origaudio’s El Dorado roll top backpack so special is that it’s much more functional than regular commuting backpacks. I’ve found that most backpacks are either too big for every day commuting, or too small for travel. For my regular commute of 10 miles round trip, I was about to find out if this backpack was able to live up to its promise.

As A Serious Commuter I Demand A Lot Out Of My Backpacks

As a serious commuter, I demand a lot out of my backpacks. I’m exposed to all types of weather. This means that I must have a backpack that’s sturdy, water-resistant, and capable of expanding when needed. My backpack must be lightweight, and have lots of pockets to carry stuff and stay organized. It must also fit properly, and not slide off my shoulders while walking, bicycle commuting, riding mass transportation and of course traveling. Find me a backpack that does all that, and I’d give it raving reviews.

How well Did The Origaudio El Dorado Roll Top Backpack Meet My Commuting Demands?

Would Origaudio’s El Dorado Roll Top Backpack be what I’ve been looking for? Well, I put this backpack to the greatest commuter test, and this is what happened. The first thing I’d like to mention is the attention to detail. This backpack not only looks fantastic, it has more pockets than the roads have pot holes.

Origaudio’s El Dorado Roll Top Backpack Is Sturdy

It has a nice sturdy stitching along all the seams. This is especially handy while carrying lots of valuable items. The last thing I need is to drop my portable power bank, or my house keys on the way to an appointment or meeting. Or worse yet, some very important paper work. One tear, and my commute can turn into a real nightmare.

The Origaudio El Dorado Roll Top Backpack Has Tons Of Pockets

And while we’re talking about carrying valuable items, I can’t help but mention the amount of pockets. The Origaudio El Dorado Roll Top Backpack seems to have pockets everywhere.

Front hidden pockets.
Front hidden pockets.

In the front there are two hidden pockets. These pockets amazingly are not noticeable, adding to the clean, attractive look of this backpack. In these two pockets, I keep my keys, chapstick, tissue paper and a few other items that I like to have quick access to. On the sides are two accessory zip pockets. These pockets are perfect for water bottles, but I use them to carry my Fisher Space Pen and flashlight.

Origaudio El Dorado Roll Top Backpack water-resistant compartment.
Origaudio El Dorado Roll Top Backpack water-resistant compartment.

This backpack has a large water-resistant compartment on the bottom to keep dirty shoes or clothes separate from clean ones. I have not used this compartment yet, but will when I travel. There have been many times when I’ve traveled to NYC or Florida and had to put my dirty clothes in bags, so that I don’t get my clean ones dirty. You can only imagine the look on the TSA agents’ faces as my luggage went through the security scanner.

Now instead of shoving all my dirty clothes into plastic bags before putting them into my luggage, I’ll put them into this compartment instead. And now for my favorite compartment of them all. Unlike school backpacks, which I see commuters traveling with, this backpack is especially made for the purpose. School backpacks have a very stiff material that doesn’t expand very well, and the top is round.

This makes them great for carrying computers and books, but lousy for commuting and travel. The Origaudio backpack has a roll top. This roll top can be rolled down and snapped, making it great for everyday commuting around the city.  Or rolled up for travel to carry more items.

What Problems Did The Origaudio El Dorado Roll Top Backpack Solve For Me?

The first problem this backpack solved was being able to carry all my personal items safely and comfortably. Unlike regular backpacks, this backpack was very light for being so sturdy. As I mentioned earlier, there’s nothing worse than a backpack that falls apart in the middle of a commute. I was able to stuff everything I need for the day into this backpack.

This is a very handy feature, because sometimes I’m not close to stores or have enough time to stop. It can be very stressful being far away from home, and not having everything I need. With the Origaudio El Dorado Roll Top Backpack, I have everything I need, because I can carry a lot.

I can shove my rain jacket, hoodie, gloves, hat and everything else into it. It never seems to fill up. This amazing feature is due to the durable, water-resistant 600d polyester being able to expand. Plus it has the roll top that I’ve already mentioned.

When it rains or gets cold, I have the necessary gear available to keep me warm and dry. Plus, I never have to scramble through my backpack to find anything, because I can put certain items in selected pockets. Meaning, less stress.

Would I Recommend Origaudio’s El Dorado Roll Top Backpack?

As a commuter, I’d definitely recommend this backpack. Many commuters such as myself have a hard time finding a suitable backpack for commuting. Many backpacks aren’t very light or durable, and not water-resistant. During long commutes, our backpacks aren’t very comfortable, and don’t offer much protection to our personal belongings.

They tear, slide off our shoulders, and don’t hold very much. This backpack on the other hand, is truly made for commuting and travel. It can get smaller for daily commutes around the city, and get much larger for taking trips to other places.

Origaudio El Dorado Roll Top Backpack straps.
Origaudio El Dorado Roll Top Backpack straps.

The shoulder straps are at the perfect angle to stay in place and give comfort. And the beautifully designed, padded back panel provides exceptional comfort. Plus, the two-tone color in tan and brown with the leather-colored handles and straps makes this backpack very stylish.



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