Night Walking Tips To Keep You Safe

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Do you work during the nights, and able to walk to work? Is walking to the store or surrounding areas enjoyable to you? Are you attending an overnight walking event? If you find yourself night walking due to any of the following reasons, it’s important to know how to stay safe while doing so.


Here’s some helpful night walking tips to keep you safe

We’re going to go over the following tips in order to keep you safe.

  1. Wear reflective gear.
  2. Use a bright flash light.
  3. Choose a safe route.
  4. Learn night walking safety rules.
  5. Always be aware of your surroundings.
  6. Avoid being distracted walking at night.
  7. Change your walking time.
  8. Use a treadmill.
  9. Walk indoors.
  10. Attend evening events.

1. Wear reflective gear

Avoid wearing dark colors at night because it can make it extremely difficult for drivers to see you. Instead, make sure you wear clothes with reflective stripes in the front, back, and the sides.

Also, choose packs and shoes that have reflective patches or stripes. And even a reflective vest is a great choice to ensure drivers see you at night.

2. Use a bright flash light

A bright, lightweight flash light can make you more visible to drivers, even in an area with streetlights.

Make sure your flash light is LED, because it will have a much longer battery life compared to a standard bulb type.

Or you can choose a headlamp in order to keep your hands free for carrying things, such as a bag of groceries.

3. Choose a safe route

Choosing a safe route that you’re familiar with, that’s well lit, allows you to walk away from traffic, and doesn’t have a lot of shrubbery or dark areas is always best.

Areas such as shopping centers can be a great option for nighttime walking because they usually have lots of lighting and other people around. And always let someone know where you’re going before leaving the house.

4. Learn night walking safety rules

It’s important that you understand the differences between walking during the night and day time. And what changes need to be made to keep you safe.

  • During the night it’s much safer to walk on the sidewalk and paths away from the road.
  • Always walk facing traffic in order to see what’s going on better.
  • Be extra careful at night when crossing streets, because drivers don’t expect you to be walking there.
  • Routes commonly used by other runners and walkers are usually the safest.
  • Watch out for uneven sidewalks, rocks, roots, potholes, and trash.
  • Try to choose paths with less lighting level changes and vehicle headlights than can temporarily blind you.

5. Always be aware of your surroundings

Walking at night can be dangerous, if you’re not being aware of your surroundings. Be alert to suspicious looking strangers who may be up to no good. Never wear earphones or stare at your phone. If you do see a person who makes you uncomfortable, cross the street or go in the opposite direction. And walk confidently with purpose, to not look like an easy target.

It’s always a wise choice to walk with a friend or a big dog. Or if neither is available, at least a walking stick.

6. Avoid being distracted walking at night

You should never walk alone at night, but if you do, avoid distractions such as looking at your phone. Not only can staring at the screen affect your night vision, but also make you less aware of traffic around you.

The only thing your phone should be used for is a light to see the path your on.

7. Change your walking time

When you no longer enjoy walking at night, or can’t find a walking partner, try changing the time you walk or place.

You can try walking before or after your workday, during lunch breaks, or on the weekends to enjoy longer walks during the daytime hours.


8. Use a treadmill

For those of you who only walk for exercise, a treadmill can be an excellent way to get a workout.

Of course a treadmill will be expensive and take up a lot of room, but if you don’t want to go to the gym, it can be a great option.

9. Walk indoors

Walking indoors is a great option for those that want to avoid walking in the dark or bad weather.

Great places to walk indoors are large shopping centers, fitness centers, and work or school.

10. Attend evening events

A fun way to make your night walking fun is to enter a night event. Local walking clubs often host events throughout the year such as, Halloween walks or Christmas light walks.

Check your local area to see when these events are taking place. Or organize your own group night walk with family and friends.


It doesn’t matter if you’re walking to work, the grocery store, or an event. With the following tips, your walk will be much safer, even at night.

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