Mujjo Wallet Case For iPhone 11 Pro Max

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Most luxurious leather, slate green Mujjo Wallet case for iPhone 11 Pro Max review by Peter Von Panda. Today, in the video at the end of this post, Peter Von Panda is going to review the Mujjo Wallet case for the iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Mujjo is Peter Von Panda’s favorite case for the iPhone 11 Pro Max. This case comes in slate green, which is a new color wave for Mujjo.

Meet the company that makes the Mujjo wallet case

Mujjo started out making knitted winter gloves that work on touchscreens. These gloves turned out to be a great success and have been featured in major publications around the globe. In the spring of 2012, Mujjo announced their first collection of sleeves for apple devices, featuring a unique combination of wool felt and high quality leather.

The brand has grown fast, and continues to evolve, but Mujjo keeps the same passion for creating beautiful designs. Mujjo’s passion for making good products even goes beyond the desire of keeping clients and reputation.

What does Mujjo, this emerging Dutch Designer Label stand for?

Mujjo believes that to create great products; you have to start with a simple idea and then craft around that intention. They obsessively try to keep it as simple as possible, while trying to make each part as good as possible, every stitch, every button, they have all been intensively thought out.

While it’s not easy to keep things simple, it does pay off to create a product that is perfect in a sense of simplicity to that extent that you cannot leave anything away without compromising it’s intention.

It’s part of their personalities to keep challenging themselves, raising the bar on a daily bases. This certainly doesn’t make things easy for them, but they simply don’t know how to do it any other way.

They get satisfaction out of trying to create an even better product or experience, it makes them feel good to try to improve it over and over again, it’s in their DNA.

What is this wallet case for?

A simple but brilliant idea that turns your iPhone into your wallet – so the only other thing you need to remember are your keys. This case adds a pouch on the back to create a winning combination that is designed to make your day to day life more convenient.

Here’s why Peter Von Panda loves the Mujjo wallet case

Made out of genuine leather which smalls fantastic, this case is super high quality. Something you’d find in a high end leather or shoe shop.

The Mujjo wallet case comes with a little hard pocket, which is  beautifully stitched on the outside, to put your credit cards. Company identification. Etc.

There’s molded in buttons. A cutout for the mute switch. And flawless edges around the whole case with an open bottom section.

Peter Von Panda got the matching slate green case to match the color of his iPhone 11 Pro Max. But the case also comes in other colors.

NOTE: This case comes in 5 different colors. Tan, Black, Monaco Blue, Slate Green, and Alpine Green. It’s also available in the same colors without the outside hard pocket. 

How to install your iPhone into this wallet case

Peter also demonstrates how to install his iPhone 11 Pro Max into the case. It only needs to be pressed into the case, making it very easy to slide onto the iPhone.

NOTE: If you have a credit card or company ID, ID badge, pass card, etc, be careful while charging your phone on a wireless charging stand. Don’t leave the card in the wallet case pocket. This can demagnetize your cards.

Otherwise, the Mujjo wallet case offers great protection to your iPhone while commuting, Cycling and traveling.


Colors: Tan, Black, Monaco Blue, Slate Green, and Alpine Green

  • Mujjo best leather wallet cases yet for iPhone 11 Pro Max (6.5) – A simple but brilliant protective cover case for women and men. Card holder pocket turns phone into a wallet. Dutch design.
  • Natural full-grain leather hide – Warmer, grippier, feel. Slim iPhone 11 Pro Max case fully wrapped in soft, supple vegetable-tanned leather, every grain visible. Satin-like interior lined with Japanese microfiber.
  • Expertly stitched leather card holder – Make your daily life convenient. Pocket fits 2 to 3 cards (or 5, once leather softens). Styled by slanted line. Screen surface protected with raised leather lip.
  • Natural aging effect, unique to you – Beautiful aging leather, unlike Apple’s case. Colors enriched with aniline oil treatment. Uniques yours – with every touch and stain. Choose black for no aging.
  • Craftsmanship in the little details – Buttons protected with leather, optimized for responsiveness. Aesthetic camera opening. Wireless charging compatible. Exceptional packaging. 2-year warranty.
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