Moving To A New Apartment By Bicycle

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In this featured video, Everyday Cycling, is going to tell you about moving to a new apartment by bicycle.

Here’s what Everyday Cycling has to say about moving to a new apartment by bicycle

Hey guys, last weekend I moved most of my belongings to a new apartment, and I did so using my Brompton, my Kona Sutra, and my Burley Travoy cargo trailer.

It took me 5 runs to carry the bulk of my stuff, and the rest (kitchen items, toiletries, and camera gear will be taken when I actually move, in a couple of days.)

Moving to a new apartment (by bike) | Brompton, Burley Travoy cargo trailer, and Kona Sutra

There comes a time in the life of every graduate student, when he decides that packing up all his stuff and moving to a different apartment is definitely worth the hundreds of dollars he’ll save in rent. And well, I know that, because it’s happening to me.

So – today, I’ll be leaving my old apartment complex and moving to a new building. It’s a couple of km farther from work, so I’ll have to commute for longer, but it’s newer and I’m excited my room is going to have three windows, and a brighter room for studying, recording videos, and editing.

Thankfully, my old apartment was furnished, so the bed, dressers – they’ll stay there for the tenant.

For the new apartment

I bought furniture from IKEA and just needed to build them up. I personally thinks it’s super cool to assemble these things. It’s like LEGO’s for adults. In the end it’s looking quite right.

Even thought I don’t have to move the bed and couch, it doesn’t mean I don’t have a LOT of stuff to move

I decided to take the challenge to move everything by bike and, for that, I’ll be using a brand new Burley Travoy, that was sent to me as a replacement to my older trailer.

The old one had a minor issue on the lower stand that keeps the while thing straight up.

I’ll cover that issue in a separate video, but after contacting Burley, they sent me a new one, and it kinda bothered me that they sent me an entire trailer for such a small problem, but I guess it’s all right.

Their customer service is pretty awesome, and I won’t complain about that

The new trailer is pretty cool too. Moving to a new place meant I needed to pack some of my stuff into boxes. For the piano, I ended up using the boxes it came in. I kept those specifically for whatever I would move to a different place, and it came in quite handy.

The rest of my stuff fit into different boxes, and even into my large duffle bag

The most concerning item was probably my large rug. I bought this because I simply hated the concrete flooring of my old apartment and wanted to have as much of it covered as possible.

So you can imagine the size of the inconvenience to have to move this thing by bike. I packed roughly 80% of my stuff and organized it in the living room, to have an idea of the effort I would have to put in.

With everything organized in the living room, I started moving

The two places are roughly a mile away from each other, so going back and forth between them wasn’t an issue at all.

For this one, I had to be extra careful because the center of gravity of the trailer was just so high, that it would definitely tip over if I went fast on a corner or hit a large pothole. You just need to keep these things in mind when you’re riding, take it easy, and you should be fine.

At the end of each run, I left stuff in the new apartment and went back for more

These 4 runs were a piece of cake compared to what the last one would be. For the rug, I spared you guys on a long thought out process, and will show you the final solution I came up with.

Riding with the rug was impressively easy and stable. I just needed to keep in mind, at all times, that I was conducting a semi-truck, and had to make very wide corners.

I ended up getting so good at it, that I could even ride through the tightest of corners of my new apartment complex.

In the end, I was able to take everything that I planned to, and I think I did pretty well, since I only broke one glass cup while moving everything by bike.

I hope you guys enjoyed this video and found it entertaining

If you’re not subscribed to my channel, I release videos like this every Sunday morning. As for this video, I know, doing all of this with a rented truck would definitely be easier, and I may need something like that for the next time I move.

Cars are great, and I appreciate the fact that some people really need them. I’m glad that’s not my case though, and I can do mostly everything I need by bike.

Thank you for moving my stuff with me today and see you on the next one.

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