Ultra Light Titanium Polarized Men’s Sunglasses

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A great pair of men’s sunglasses not only makes you look like a boss, but are also extremely comfortable while protecting your eyes from damaging UV rays.

They should also be very durable, making them suitable for commuting and traveling.

But above all, look appropriate whether you’re in a business meeting or just lounging around in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt.

Excursion Gear Sent Me These Titanium Polarized Men’s Sunglasses For Review

I was very excited when Excursion Gear wanted to send these Titanium Polarized Men’s Sunglasses for review, and giveaway to my subscribers.

I’ve never tried men’s sunglasses before that are specifically meant for travel. My biggest concerns were, would they fit right? And how would they look while wearing them?

Surprisingly, these men’s sunglasses look extremely stylish, despite having no frame around the lenses, and no hinges on the arms.

They also come in multiple colors, but was quite happy with the grey lens and grey frame combination.

Travel bag and lens cloth.
Travel bag and lens cloth.

There’s also a nice travel bag and lens cloth included to wipe away annoying smears from the lenses.

These Titanium Polarized Men’s Sunglasses Are Light And Comfortable

Amazingly, these Titanium Polarized Men’s Sunglasses not only fit great, they feel feather light.

The arms held closed by a clip when not being used, feel snug without being tight. I was able to look downward without them falling off. Around the ears, the plastic ends didn’t rub against my ears or dig into them, even while bicycle commuting.

I’m also impressed with how solid these sunglasses feel. Unlike regular sunglasses, such as my Black Fly, there’s no frame around the lenses.

Usually when sunglasses have no frame around the lenses, they feel wobbly like soggy noodles.

With these sunglasses that wasn’t the case.

What I Like About These Titanium Polarized Men’s Sunglassses

I like the stylish, minimalist look of these sunglasses. The Titanium frame with UV400 polarized polycarbonate lenses in grey look amazingly fashionable, while protecting your eyes.

They also feel extremely comfortable and light. At no point did I have to worry about them falling off. And they didn’t feel heavy even while wearing them for a long period of time.

Things I don’t Like About These Sunglasses

On these sunglasses they eliminated the hinges, and instead used arms that are bendable in any direction, to eliminate breakage during commuting or traveling.

This definitely made these sunglasses simpler and lighter than traditional sunglasses. But I find the removal of the hinges unnecessary.

Sunglasses are already very light, and don’t take up that much room while commuting or traveling.

Arms held together by little plastic clip when folded.
Arms held together by little plastic clip when folded.

Adding a little clip to hold the arms when folded actually makes it more complicated. And what do you do if you loose the clip?

I’d also be worried about the arms breaking from the constant bending over time.


Overall, I think that these are very unique and stylish sunglasses. They are very comfortable to wear, and feel extremely light, while still amazingly durable.

For anyone looking for a great pair of unique sunglasses at a great price, I’d highly recommend them.

Check out the comment section, to find out which lucky subscriber won these unique sunglasses.


Lens Dimensions: 40 x 60 mm
Frame Material: Titanium
Eye Protection: UV400

Buy now from EXCURSION GEAR.

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