Longest Ride Of The Year In Japan’s Summer Heat

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August in Japan is the hottest time of the year, what better time to do my longest bike ride of the year? Today we are cycling from Nagoya down to the Chita Peninsula for a total of 100 miles (160km). This is my first century ride of the year, and I also did it on the hottest days of the year. About 100 degrees F with high humidity in the crazy Japanese Summer Heat.

There are a lot of ocean and beach views along the way, so you can see what Japanese beach towns are like. Even though Aichi prefecture is under a state of emergency right now, there were still many people gathered at the beaches, which was surprising to me.

Timestamps for today’s ride:

  • Intro + Maneki Neko – 0:00
  • First ocean view – 3:58
  • Boats, boats, boats – 5:27
  • Rough ocean side cycling path – 6:16
  • Beach House – 8:30
  • Mihama Nomazaki Lighthouse – 9:16
  • Japanese vending machine drinks – 10:28
  • Beach / ocean drone shots – 12:13
  • Lawson Conbini Stop – 13:00
  • Crazy Japanese Party Beach – 15:29
  • Minami Chita Toyohama Sakana Hirobo – 21:20
  • Minami Chita ocean view – 23:10

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