Kobra Electric Scooters For Ultimate Urban Commuting

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Electric scooters are another way to easily get around in an urban environment. There are many available on the market, that are compact enough to fold up, and bring on public transportation. These are great for the purpose that they were designed for. The problem is that they have smaller wheels that can be swallowed up by potholes. This makes them less than ideal if you plan on doing your full commute on an electric scooter. Kobra electric scooters (based out of Italy) has solved this problem by designing electric scooters with 20-inch wheels.


What makes Kobra electric scooters different than the competition?

Kobra electric scooters are much more comfortable and equipped to handle city commuting with these big beefy, 20-inch wheels, along with a tough, tubular, stainless steel frame.

Kobra has developed two different models: the urban-oriented Smart and the heavier-duty Climber.

Smart electric scooter.
Smart electric scooter.

Climber electric scooter.
Climber electric scooter.

The Smart and Climber, even though they are designed slightly different, both have 20-inch front wheels, and 16-inch rear wheels. They also feature electronically activated mechanical disc brakes, with an “E-ABS” system to keep the wheels from locking up while braking.

How is the Smart and Climber different?

What is noticeably different between the two is that the Smart has slick tires, and the Climber has knobbies.

But there are also other differences between the two:

  • The Smart has a 350 watt motor in the back wheel.
  • 500 watts are delivered to the back wheel on the Climber by a frame mounted lithium battery.
  • Climber has a more powerful motor, capable of climbing hills of up to 35%.
  • The Smart is capable of climbing slopes at 22%.
  • Climber can go over 100 km (62 miles) at a top speed of 25 km/h (16 mph) on one charge.

Excellent comfort from a “motorcycle-inspired” frame

What provides the excellent comfort is a motorcycle-inspired, frame made of stainless steel tubing. Not only does this prevent rust, but also absorbs road vibrations by flexing when  riding over bumps.

The “Kobra-key features”

Key features.
Key features.

Smart vs Climber (Kobra electric scooters)
Smart vs Climber (Kobra electric scooters)

Additional features

Kobra electric scooters pack a ton of features to make all your urban commuting way more comfortable and enjoyable.

Features such as:

  • Cruise control.
  • Regenerative braking.
  • Integrated head and tail lights.
  • Brake light.

Where to find the Kobra Smart and Climber electric scooters

Currently, both Kobra scooters are the subject of an Indiegogo campaign. If these scooters reach production, a pledge of €2,170 (about US$2,615) will get you a Smart, with €2,480 ($2,989) required for a Climber. Their planned retail prices are €2,890 and €3,310 ($3,483 and $3,989), respectively.

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