Kaitlin Roney – Artist, Teacher, Business Owner

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Over the last 8 years I’ve met many talented artists within the Rochester, New York area. At first, I met most at the Hungerford Building located on East Main Street and Goodman, after being encouraged by a very creative sculpture artist. But as time passed, I realized that there’s many incredible artists located throughout the city. One such artist is Kaitlin Roney.

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Kaitlin Roney is an extremely talented artist that grew up with the purpose of creating. When she was young, she would turn stones and mud into little houses. Then, as she got older she danced, wrote plays and illustrated stories.

By the time Kaitlin became a teenager, her skills really started to shine. She became fascinated with perfecting her rendering skills. Kaitlin started filling her sketchbooks with drawings and paintings of everything she could observe.

By the time Kaitlin Roney entered college, she was on fire!

During her college years, Kaitlin began to form a more contextual body of work, by blending her poems and work views into her art.

This is something that Kaitlin credits to having incredible teachers and guides.

”I realize now that I was very lucky to have incredible art teachers and inspiring guides along the way, nurturing and feeding my passion.”

What is Kaitlin up to today?

These days, Kaitlin runs the Art Center Of Rochester with her husband Chris.

I discovered the Art Center Of Rochester one night while doing random Google searches for art.

What intrigued me about this art center is it’s diverse classes and camps that it offers. They place a huge emphasis on meeting the artistic needs of the surrounding community, by specializing in providing unique art experiences for people of all ages.

On Sunday evenings they offer figure drawing to adult artists who want to hone their life drawing skills. For those that want to draw clothed models, they offer open studio called, Wine Down Wednesdays.

Wind Down Wednesdays is a very friendly, and relaxed time where you can enjoy some wine, snacks, and get to know other unique and talented artists.

Of course these aren’t the only things that Art Center Of Rochester Offers. There’s various programs such as home school, camps, theater arts, youth/teen art programs, and various other workshops. As you can see, they have something for everyone.

Tell you more about Kaitlin Roney?

Kaitlin is an award winning artist that’s been featured in places such as, Floated Alternative Culture Magazine, Spectrum News, Rochester Finger Lakes Exhibition, and Fox Rochester.

All these amazing accomplishments were obvious as soon as I walked into her modern art studio. On the wall was a great display of some of her phenomenal work, along with a few others by staff members.

For those who know Kaitlin, a lot of her work has grown from reflections about the journey of womanhood, based on her personal experiences, observations, and relationships.

As she states on her personal website, Kaitlinroney.com, in her “Nothing Ethereal About Her:”

”I have attempted to delve into a range of self-perceived defining moments. At different phases of womanhood, significant events and strong feelings seem as if they are sure to have an everlasting hold of who we are.”

”Yet with the passage of time, seemingly monumental events fade, and retreat to the corners of our being.”

Here’s what inspires Kaitlin

In Kaitlin Roney’s own words, here’s what inspires her:

“I have been inspired by patterns in figurative, visual, and metaphorical sense. The Yellow Wallpaper, by Charlotte Perkins Gilman, sparked my interest in concept of wallpaper patterns as a reflection of a woman’s mind.”

”In Gillman’s piece, the wallpaper emphasizes the relationship between a man’s perception of his wife as weak, hysterical and vulnerable.”

”It is true the we are sometimes tangled in patterns of out life, but there is always an opportunity to break free and create new patterns.”

”In this series I use birds for their overt symbolism, and to address the fragility associated with being a woman – something I have never understood. Femininity is powerful, and all woman possess a strength that transcends their life-giving force.”

”Likewise, birds are light, airy, diverse creatures, with hidden wells of strength and intelligence.”

I don’t know about you, but I found the following statements powerful, intelligent, thought provoking, and very well-spoken. The reason why I included them is because I don’t think I could have said them as well as she did.

What is the art work by Kaitlin Roney Like?

In my opinion, I find the art work created by Kaitlin Roney absolutely incredible. I find the way she combines form, color, and other elements completely genius.

Her art is so unique and creative that it’s hard to describe it in words. I figured that a better way to describe it is to just provide samples from her different collections.

Nothing Ethereal About Her

Women with a bird and flower background. Oil on canvas, 16 x 20”
Women with a bird and flower background. Oil on canvas, 16 x 20”

Figure studies

Female figure, back view by Kaitlin Roney - watercolor, chalk 12 x 16”
Female figure, back view by Kaitlin Roney – watercolor, chalk 12 x 16”


Leenali - chalk pastel, 16 x 20”
Leenali – chalk pastel, 16 x 20”

Animal studies

Ripley - chalk pastel, 10 x 10”
Ripley – chalk pastel, 10 x 10”

Still life’s

Feather still life - acrylic on canvas, 8 x 10”
Feather still life – acrylic on canvas, 8 x 10”


Lift bridge Brockport, NY - oil on gessoed board, 22 x 30”
Lift bridge Brockport, NY – oil on gessoed board, 22 x 30”

Matchbox girls

Matchbox girls by Kaitlin Roney
Matchbox girls by Kaitlin Roney


Nice buns
Nice buns

Kaitlin Roney is more than just an artist

All this time I’ve been bragging about how good of an artist Kaitlin is, which is well deserved.

But here’s something that you should also know about Kaitlin. Kaitlin along with her husband Chris, are two of the most genuinely caring, friendly and compassionate people you will ever meet.

I met Chris one day before I met Kaitlin, because I was in the area and decided to stop by. As soon as I walked through the door, I was met with a smile and a conversation that made me feel like I knew Chris for years.

The next evening, when I returned to the studio, I met Kaitlin, who was just as pleasant to talk to as her husband.

It’s obvious that Kaitlin and her husband not only care about art, they also care about the people in the community that they meet.

If you’re looking for a studio that makes you feel extremely welcome, make sure to visit Art Center Of Rochester.

Art Center Of Rochester is located at 563 Titus Ave. Rochester, NY 14617

You can also find out more information at: artcenterofrochester.com

Also, make sure you check out her personal art work at: kaitlinroney.com

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