iGo Electric Fat Bike Overview by Power In Motion

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Power In Motion! I love the name just as much as I do the reviews that they provide. By now many of you know who Power In Motion is because this isn’t the first time I’m featuring a YouTube video created by them. But I love their in-depth and honest reviews so much, I just had to feature another one. Last time I wrote a post called, “Dahon Curl i8 Overview by Power In Motion.” They did an exceptional job as always, and this new video is no different. This time Power In  Motion did a phenomenal overview of the iGo Electric Fat Bike.

I Imagined Myself Riding the iGo Electric Fat Bike

Power In Motion did an extremely well job doing the overview of the iGo Electric Fat Bike. He talked about the specs. The pros and cons. And who this bike would be good for.

I’ve never been on a fat bike or an electric bike. But I’d have no problem giving this bike a try. I’m into going on new adventures, and I think the iGo Electric Fat Bike would make a great addition to my bicycle fleet. It doesn’t fold like my Brompton or Tern Link D8, but I still think I’d have a blast riding it.

I’m always up for a new challenge. I like to challenge myself to push past my comfort zone. When you push past your comfort zone you’re experiencing new things. And when you’re experiencing new things, you’re learning. When you’re learning, you’re growing as a person.

I choose to grow!!!

A recent journey I did in the city, definitely pushed me to challenge myself. It was 25 miles long but well worth it. It was long. The hills were grueling. Wind was blowing from all directions, literally pushing me to one side. But guess what? I made it.

To read more about this epic journey check out my post called, “Bike Mods For Bike Commuting by Bikeblogger.” It’s a great read and I guarantee you’ll enjoy it.

I Loved This Overview by Power In Motion

I truly loved this overview of the iGo Electric Fat Bike by Power In Motion. It was honest. Provided in-depth details. And was pretty darn convincing. So convincing that I was persuaded that I should try something totally different than what I’m use to. And trust me, it takes a lot to convince me!

Thank you for taking the time to read this post, and I hope you enjoy the amazing video I’ve provided below. And as always, let me know what you think.

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