iGo Aspire Camillien Overview | Electric Bike

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This light (40lbs) and robust Aspire Camillien Gravel / Road bike with solid steering and responsive power will hold a steady line over even the loosest ground.

The Aspire Camillien can be ridden almost anywhere and will elevate your riding experience while keeping you stable and confident thanks to advanced-response torque sensors, high quality SHIMANO components that allow precise and seamless shifting, 2×9 gearing, large rotor disc brakes to ensure safe stopping power in all conditions, and clearance to easily accommodate 42” gravel tires.

This bike has been designed and developed to let you ride the way you like, however you want, wherever you desire.


  • One of the most affordable road style electric bikes.
  • Drop bars.
  • 18-speed drivetrain.
  • Available in two frame sizes.
  • Sold through dealers as well as online.
  • Ships as a Class 1 product.
  • Can be unlocked for faster 28mph (45km/h) Class 3 performance using the free smartphone application.
  • Extremely lightweight at 40.6lbs (18.6kg).
  • Balanced front to rear.
  • 250w Bafang planetary geared hub motor performs at 450 watts due to custom high power controller.
  • Offers up to 45 newton meters of torque.
  • Performs well for climbing and maintaining higher speeds.
  • Dual-sided 32 pulse torque sensing bottom bracket.
  • TRP mechanical disc brakes.
  • Puncture resistant tires with reflective sidewall stripes.
  • Can fit up to 42c sized tires.
  • Mounting points for fenders, racks, and two bottle cages.
  • All aluminum frame.
  • Display panel.
  • Smartphone app.

Watch the video for complete details:

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