How To Ride Without Getting Tired

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In this featured video, GCN (Global Cycling Network) is going to give you tips on how to ride without getting tired.

Here’s what GCN will cover on how to ride without getting tired

You could say that tiredness and fatigue are just a natural side effect of cycling, and to an extent, this is true.

However, what we cant try to do is delay the onset of tiredness to keep you riding faster for longer.

In this video, Hank shares some of his wisdom to help you avoid getting quite so tired when you’re out cycling.

The major topics GCN will cover in this video on how to ride without getting tired

  • Rest – Most athletes focus on their training aspects, but resting is where you repair your strength and rebuild your muscles. You need rest to enable you to get fitter, better, and stronger.
  • Warm up – Warming up is a really effective way to prepare your body and combat the onset of tiredness. It can be 10 minutes of really simple pedaling without putting out many watts.
  • Hydration – Dehydration can really impact performance. And it can also lead to muscle cramps and fatigue. Making  sure you are topped of with fluids is absolutely necessary.
  • Fueling – Fueling is also a really important part of being able to maintain physical exertion. Being properly filled with proper nutrition will allow you to ride faster and for longer.
  • Pacing – Make sure you pace your effort. Don’t come up with an elaborate plan to go out too hard, too early. Otherwise you’ll end up struggling to make it back home.
  • Take Breaks – Taking breaks is another great way to ensure that you stay out of the red, and you manage your tiredness.
  • Ride with others – Try riding with a friend or a group. The great thing about cycling is that it’s a social sport. You can have a good conversation while exercising which is also good, because it can distract you from the workload that you’re putting out.
  • Timing – The last tip is about timing. You can pick any time of day to ride based upon which is better for maximizing your energy levels.

Watch the video for complete details

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