How To Plan A Great Cycling Route

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In this featured video, GCN (Global Cycling Network) is going to give you tips on how to plan a great cycling route on safe and quiet roads.

Here’s what GCN will cover on how to plan a great cycling route on safe and quiet roads

Planning an enjoyable cycling route can be challenging. It’s far too easy to ride your bike on roads you’re familiar with after having driven them in your car.

But, roads that are great for driving are usually pretty rubbish for cycling. To get the most out of your bike riding, it’s best to stick to quieter lanes and back roads and avoid the fast moving traffic you find on busy highways.

In this video, Si gives you his top tips to help you plan your next cycling route to make your bike ride safer and more enjoyable!


The major topics GCN will cover in this video on how to plan a great cycling route on safe and quiet roads

  • What makes a good ride?
  • The tech
  • Local knowledge

Watch the video for complete details

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