How To Install A Xootr Scooter Carry Strap

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The Xootr scooter is an excellent way to commute daily. It’s light and compact enough to combine with public transportation, and store under your desk once you reach your destination, such as at work. Despite it’s lightweight and compact size, carrying 10 lbs for a distance or climbing stairs after exciting a subway can still get tiresome. That’s when you need one of the best accessories available, known as the Xootr scooter carry strap.

The Xootr carry strap allows you to easily carry your scooter when folded. Once you reach your destination, just lower the handlebar and sling the scooter over your shoulder. Once the carry strap is installed, raise the handlebar to the height you normally like and pull the strap tight. This allows you to easily extend the handlebar to a preset height. The carry strap fits flat against the front tube and handlebar when riding your scooter.

Here’s what you’ll need before you install your Xootr scooter strap:

1. Carry strap

Xootr scooter carry strap.

2. Xootr scooter

A Xootr scooter.
A Xootr scooter.



Unfold the scooter and extend handlebar about halfway.


Find the end of the strap nearest the “X” in Xootr. Buckle the smaller strap attached to this end around the vertical portion of the handlebar just below the “T” joint as shown below. Pull the small strap tight.


Thread the wider strap over the top of the handlebar and BEHIND the brake cable and let it hang down the front of the scooter as shown.

Wider strap over the top of the handlebar and BEHIND the brake.
Wider strap over the top of the handlebar and BEHIND the brake.


Attach the other end of the strap to the “lower handle” structure with the other smaller strap, as shown. Pull the small strap tight.

Attached to the "lower handle" structure with the other smaller strap.
Attached to the “lower handle” structure with the other smaller strap.


Adjust the overall strap length so that when the handlebar is extended to a comfortable height, the strap is tight.


When the scooter is folded, the strap is loose, allowing the user to easily sling the scooter over a shoulder.

Xootr folded and ready to go.
Xootr folded and ready to go.

Also, don’t forget to check out Xootr scooters at Every Xootr scooter is manufactured and assembled in Old Forge, PA.

We also welcome you to check out our kick-scooter guide for more helpful tips.

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