Folding Bike On C Train (Calgary Transit)

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Folding bike on C Train (Calgary Transit)! In this video, Power In Motion is going to talk about folding bikes and public transportation.

Later on in the video, Power In Motion shows you how to take your folding bike on C Train.

What is the C Train located in Calgary?

The C Train is a light rail transit system in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. It began operation on May 25, 1981 and has expanded as the city has increased in population. The system is operated by Calgary Transit, as part of the Calgary municipal government’s transportation department.

Things that will be covered in this video

Power In Motion tells you what the term “last Mile” means. Explains Intermodal. Cost saving. And reduced congestion.

A lot of people are using folding bikes as a “Last Mile” solution. What that means is that we have public transportation that brings us everywhere. Except they don’t take you to your home or office directly.

Why a folding bike on the C Train?

Having a folding bike that allows you to take it onto public transportation, helps you solve the “Last Mile” problem.


Intermodal means that you’re taking different transportation to get from point A to point B, by combing a folding bike with public transportation.

NOTE: You ride your folding bike to the C Train. And then take the C Train to downtown.

Cost savings

In Calgary for example, they have the second highest parking fees anywhere in North America. The highest one is actually in Manhattan in New York City.

Everyone in Calgary pays somewhere around $450-$600 a month for parking.

If you don’t drive a car or need parking, taking a folding bike, that allows you to get from point A to point B, can save you between $500-$600 a month.


This also reduces congestion. There’s very limited parking available in Calgary. Even though you take public transportation, they still have a thing called “Park and Ride.”

NOTE: The “Park and Ride” basically is, you drive your car to the nearest train station and park it there.

So, for example, a train station has approximately 800 spots. 500 of them are free and the remaining 300, you have to pay for. This means you’ll most likely have to pay around $50-$60 per month plus your train ticket. So, now your talking about $150-$200 plus gas, insurance and everything else included.

Therefore, it’s probably costing you to go to work and back home about $200 every month.

So, if you can ride your folding bike to the C Train station, then you’re probably going to save $50-$60 from that “Park and Ride.”

Rules to bring your folding bike on C Train

There are three rules you must follow in order to bring your folding bike onto the train.

Calgary C-Train Regulations

Folding Bikes are allowed on the C-Train at all times if you follow THESE THREE STEPS:

1. Have a 20-inch folding bike- The folding bike has to be a 20-inch. For example, the Tern folding bike featured in the video is a 20-inch folding bike.

2. Fold your bike- You must fold your bike before getting onto the C-Train.

3. Bag your bike- All folding bikes must be bagged before being allowed onto the C-Train. One of the reasons why you want to bag the bike is because, you want to keep yourself from getting dirty. And you don’t want to get someone else dirty.

How to fold a Tern folding bike to get onto the train

  1. Remove the kickstand.
  2. Drop the seat post.
  3. Fold the pedals.
  4. Remove the frame safety pin.
  5. Fold the main frame and connect the magnets.
  6. Drop the handlebar.
  7. Tie down the handlebar.
  8. Cover it with the cover bag.

How to use the Tern cover bag

  1. Unzip and flip the bag inside out.
  2. Get inside of the bag to the two straps to tie down the bike.
  3. Clip one strap to the back wheel and the other one to the frame.
  4. Flip the bag over the frame to cover it up.
  5. At the bottom, tie the drawstring down and tuck it into the zipper.
  6. Either pick the bicycle up by the shoulder strap or just grab the frame and carry it.

Rules to follow while riding the C-Train

  1. While riding the C-Train with your folding bike don’t take up the whole space. Park your bike on the floor so that there’s room for others to sit down.
  2. Wait until you get to your destination and get off the train before unfolding your bike

Removing the Tern Cover Bag

  1. Remove the drawstring.
  2. Flip the cover off the bike.
  3. Unclip the two straps from the back wheel and main frame.
  4. Fold up the bag.
  5. Tuck into pocket and zip it up.

Unfolding the Tern folding bike

  1. Remove strap and raise the handlebar.
  2. Open up the bike and lock the hinge clamp.
  3. Drop the kickstand.
  4. Unfold the pedals.
  5. Raise the seat post.
  6. Strap the cover bag onto the seat post.

In conclusion

Use your folding bike to get you from the C-Train directly to your destination, known as “The Last Mile”.

Intermodal transportation means you combine existing transportation network with your folding bike, to complete your Last Mile!

Your folding bike will help reduce urban congestion, and could save your over $600 in parking every month!

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