Choosing The Right Electric Scooter For Commuting

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The electric scooter has definitely become a big trend in the hybrid world. I got to thinking about what types of scooters are the best investment for rolling around town.

I want to share some of my thoughts on here to help other people who also want to have an e-scooter.

Let’s Discuss Some Of the Features That Make A Great Electric Scooter

Particularly in New York City, it seems that we always have many road construction projects to fix potholes going on everywhere.

There are manholes to dodge. Work trucks in bike lanes, and lots of obstacles in general.

The Size Of the Tires On Your Scooter Matters, A Lot!

A scooter with larger tires and suspension rides smoother over bumps and rough terrain.
A scooter with larger tires and suspension rides smoother over bumps and rough terrain.

The first think I look for on a folding scooter for city life is 10” tires or larger. Don’t get me wrong-8” tires are not bad, but they’re a bit more suited for places where you may have an easier ride with fewer obstacles to worry about on the road.

The 10” tires also lend themselves to a more comfortable ride, as they have a much easier time rolling over Little Rock’s , branches or the like.

Some companies even like to make an 11” tire.

Your Scooter Must Be Durable

The last think that you want when you’re cruising at 15mph (or faster-wear a helmet!) is to ride on something that isn’t well-made, and may break when you hit a pothole or speed bump.

It’s worthwhile to invest in a company with a well-made product, with safety in mind when they design it.

Also, it doesn’t hurt to buy a product from a company that can provide parts when you need them.

You don’t want to blow $500 on a badly made scooter with no parts available when it breaks, and then you have to spend another $500 on a new scooter to replace your old one.

The lesson here:  Buy a good quality scooter!

It Helps to Buy A Light Weight Electric Scooter

It helps to have a light weight scooter.
It helps to have a light weight scooter.

One typical drawback of buying a scooter with bigger tires and more power, is that you usually end up with a heavier scooter in the process.

Sometimes that’s fine.

Adding a few pounds can change how the electric scooter rides, and can actually help with it’s center of gravity. As a result, the electric scooter may not respond so harshly (when couples with good suspension) when you hit bumps in the road.

Think about how you want to use your electric scooter in the city.

Is this for going to work where you may need to carry it up a lot of stairs each day? If so, maybe having the heaviest folding electric scooter may not be the best option.

Just riding around town, or going to a café on the weekend to meet up with friends? Then a heavier electric scooter might not be so bad, considering that you might not have to carry it so often.

Do you live in a walk-up apartment? You get the point!

Make Sure Your Electric Scooter Has Enough Power

Having a high powered scooter is better for riding with traffic.
Having a high powered scooter is better for riding with traffic.

Do you need to keep up with traffic, or are there dedicated bikes lanes in your area so that you can ride safely away from traffic?

If you’re dealing with traffic, you may want to consider a high-powered scooter.

Do you live in an area that has a lot of hills or uneven terrain?

You may need a little extra power to make it over those hills!

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