E Bike Test Ride With Two Wheel Cruise

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E-Bike test ride with two wheel cruise! During the past few years I’ve ridden just about every type of bicycle imaginable. I’ve ridden BMX bikes. Hybrid bicycles. City bikes. Race bikes. And of course folding bikes.

Unfortunately, the only type of bicycle I haven’t tried is an E-Bike. The last time I visited my favorite bicycle shop, Bike Zone, I was told that E-Bikes are the future of urban transportation.

I definitely believe this to be true, because I’m seeing many bicycle manufacturers such as Tern and Brompton coming out with their own electric models. Heck, even car manufacturers such as Ford and General Motors are getting in on the action.

E-Bikes are starting to outsell regular bicycles because they allow you to replace your car with them. The electric motors allow you to ride farther, faster, climb hills easier, and carry more necessary gear.

This makes them a viable option for the elderly and those that need to travel farther distances. They also make great grocery getters or mini van replacement for taking your kids to school. Many electric cargo bikes can carry a few kids in seats on the back.

Even though E-Bikes offer many advantages over regular bicycles, I don’t have any experience with them.

Two Wheel Cruise and his wife made an excellent video featuring an E-Bike

Fortunately, Two Wheel Cruise is a channel on YouTube with and phenomenal host that works for BMC in Japan. Two Wheel Cruise and his awesome wife ride all over Japan, showing Japanese culture while teaching us about bicycles.

These two very likable individuals compliment each other very well while giving us a peek of their daily lives. One of my favorite things I like is when they attend different races and bicycle courses within Japan.

Two Wheel Cruise’s latest video features his wife testing out different bicycles starting out with a gravel bike. Then a mountain bike. Followed by a steel Surly bike. And lastly an E-Bike.

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