Don’t Wear This While Cycling In Winter

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Don’t wear this while cycling in winter! A few days ago, my favorite cycling channel on Youtube made a video called, “What NOT To Wear Cycling In Winter.” These guys focus more on the competitive side of cycling. But there’s still something to be learned from them.

As regular commuters, we still have to face many of the same challenges as the guys on GCN (Global Cycling Network). We still have to face different types of difficult weather conditions. One such type of weather we all have to eventually face, especially if we ride all year round, is winter. Cycling in winter can be a huge challenge.

As the guys from GCN demonstrate in the video, it’s very important to select the proper gear. Wear clothing that’s too tight and it’s hard to move. Choose gear that’s too heavy, and you start to sweat too much once you warm up. And if your gear isn’t water proof, you end up wet and cold.

I know that the guys from GCN were being comedic while making this video, but they did a phenomenal job of showing what you shouldn’t wear while cycling in winter.

GCN did a great job of showing what not to wear cycling in winter

They showed us some of the most ridiculous gear that cyclists have tried while trying to stay warm and dry during the winter.

During the ride they tried a winter coat. A one piece diving suit. Rubber boots that had the bottoms cut out. And a helmet that fully enclosed the head with a face shield.

The one idea that I did like was the ski goggles, even though it was stated that they didn’t fit comfortably with the cycling helmet. I’m a huge fan of wearing eye wear, ever since that time dust blew into my face while riding home in the dark one night.

What should you wear while riding in winter?

  • Wear clothing that is comfortable to move in.
  • Remember to wear layers.
  • Don’t over dress.
  • Never under dress.
  • Make sure your clothing is water proof.
  • Use the appropriate clothing for the weather conditions.
  • Experiment to see which clothing you feel most comfortable in.
  • Have fun!!!!!!
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