Do Cyclists Need To Go To The Gym?

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Do cyclists need to go to the gym? Today, GCN (Global Cycling Network) discussed the importance of strength training for cyclists. As everyone knows, cycling during the off-season can make you a better cyclist.

But strength training can make you fitter, faster and stronger. That’s why many pros these days are starting to strength train to improve their performance.

Many would argue the point whether cyclists need to go to the gym. From my experience, I’d say that it’s an absolute must to combine strength training with cycling, and I think Global Cycling Network agrees with me.

At the end of this video, I’m going to include a video from Global Cycling Network called, “Do Cyclists Need To Go To The Gym?”

How has strength training traditionally been used by cyclists?

Traditionally, strength training has been done during the winter months while the pros are training with less intensity, and building their aerobic base.

But recently many pros have been incorporating strength work all year around. This is because it can help in a number of ways and has many benefits.

Builds stronger muscles so that you can put out more power

Strength training can make you an overall stronger rider. By going to the gym and including some strength work, you’ll be increasing your max power on the bike.

Not only will this make you a faster cyclist, it will also prevent your body from getting injured.

This can also help track cyclists dramatically. Track sprinters will often spend as much time training in the gym as on the bike.

So, if you want to improve your sprinting, strength training will definitely help.

Helps riders maintain an injury free body

Cycling is a low impact activity which is great for your joints, but doesn’t do much to support your bone density.

Strength training can help cover the gaps from pure cardio exercise by building stronger bones, improving coordination, preventing injury, and also improving power.

Many of the most common injuries to cyclists include lower back pain, neck pain, and knee pain. Some of these might be caused by muscle imbalances.

A combination of strength training and stretching can help strengthen your muscles and prevent these injuries.

Good for bone health

Studies have shown that many pros have low bone density. Unlike running or walking, cycling is a non weight bearing activity.

This requires you to do something like strength training to maintain a healthy bone density, and combat osteoporosis.

Lifting heavy with proper form while doing exercises such as squats and deadlifts a few times per week can make a huge difference in the strength of your muscles and bones.

Since I’ve been incorporating strength training into my cycling  I’ve seen a huge improvement with my speed, endurance and overall health.

And as promised, here’s the amazing video from Global Cycling Network.

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