City Commute With Phenomenal Urban Gear And Pasta

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I’m always looking for an excuse to sneak in a city commute, even if it’s a short one. It gives me a chance to get away from projects, meetings, and creating content that you urbanites love so much.

There’s something liberating about jumping on a bicycle and propelling it with leg power. Traveling at slower speeds and being able to go places motor vehicles can’t, allows us to soak in more of the scenery, even if it means dealing with the natural elements.

We become one with the environment and get to experience the feeling of wind slamming against our face, the sweltering heat, and bitter cold. And while we’re at it, monstrous thunderstorms that soak us from head to toe, including our shoes.

To many, this might sound like self-inflicted punishment. After-all, why would someone want to struggle pedaling up hills? Fight head winds that makes your bicycle feel fifty pounds heavier? Sweat when it feels like a thousand degrees out? And have to put on all types of gear when the temperatures are colder than being in the Antarctic?

The answer is simple. Every time I go on a city commute, I learn a bit more about myself, and gain a sense of accomplishment. I get to keep my sanity by clearing my mind of all worries. My fitness level improves a little more, making each city commute easier. And most of my best ideas develop while going on these amazing journeys.

That’s why on this particular day, when dad called and invited me over for dinner, I couldn’t refuse.

It gives me a chance to enjoy an amazing city commute, and test out some phenomenal urban gear, that I’m about to share with you.

Every Successful City Commute Starts With Must-Have Gear

Every cool commuter, such as yours truly, has their own definition of must-have gear. Of course my gear is the best, so that’s why it’s important that you pay attention. Plus, it will be so much fun once we begin this city commute to dads house, and eat some tasty pasta.

I Always Wear My Helmet On Every City Commute

On every city commute that I go one, there’s a few must-have pieces of gear that can’t be forgotten. The first, and most important one is my helmet. This critical, and most overlooked piece of gear by most commuters is what keeps this handsome face and head in tact.

Without it, there’s a possibility that I’d end up like 85% of the other commuters out there, that get into bicycle accidents each year. All 500,000 of them that end up in the emergency rooms, not including the other 800 killed. Then, who would be left to write these amazing posts that you can’t seem to get enough of?

Protecting These Precious Eyes During A City Commute With Bicycling Glasses

The next piece of gear that’s an absolute must is my bicycling glasses. Without them I’d experience the same problem I faced a few years ago. While on my way home, I was riding down a deserted road covered in dirt from construction.

Suddenly, out of nowhere an SUV came flying by. With nowhere to go but follow behind, I rode through a dust cloud that would even put “The Fog” to shame. Having little visibility, I made it to the end of the road, but with a price.

All that wonderful dust got into my eyes, making it difficult to see on  my way home. My eyes were dripping like waterfalls. And when I got home, had to rinse them out thoroughly.

Now, I never leave home without my cycling glasses, and incidences like that haven’t happened since. Instead of having debris flying into my eyes, I can hear it slamming against my glasses while riding like “The Flash” on my Brompton or Tern folding bike.

The Brompton Folding Bicycle Is Perfect For This City Commute

For todays city commute of a few miles, any three transportation choices will work great. I can go with the super compact, and fast rolling Xootr MG Scooter. The magnificent hand-brazed Brompton, that folds up smaller than any other folding bicycle in the world. Or I can go with the excellent riding, great for distances, Tern Link D8.

I’m taking the Brompton! The Brompton rides just like a regular sized bicycle, despite having 16-inch wheels. It’s 2-speed derailleur never needs adjusting, and can conquer most hills.

Plus, it’s compact size will be a huge asset once we arrive at dads apartment building. It will easily fit on the elevator, and inside dads not-so-roomy apartment.

Time To Start This Adventurous City Commute

Now that we have our safety gear on, and our transportation, it’s time to start this adventurous city commute.

Before we go anywhere, we have to put our sneakers with Lock Laces on. A long time ago, my shoe laces got caught in my front sprocket. With Lock Laces, there’s no way this catastrophe can occur. Safety first!

During this rough city commute, we’re going to pamper our hands with lots of comfort. The wind will blow hard, requiring us to hold on tight, especially during the first mile of our commute.

Fortunately, all the hills are moderate, so the Brompton in first gear will cruise right along.

The problems with the moon sized potholes in the road, and Grand Canyon sized cracks in the sidewalks will begin when we get close to the Veterans Memorial Bridge.

Riding down the old beat up sidewalk will feel like crushing cars with a monster truck. As you can see, this old sidewalk hasn’t been repaired in ages.

Our Specialized cycling gloves are going to take over from here. These gloves have extra padding in the palms, preventing shock and stress to the shoulders and arms. And will remove the annoying pressure from our palms that causes numbness and tingling.

Beat up old sidewalk leading down to the Veterans Memorial Bridge, on this glorious city commute.
Beat up old sidewalk leading down to the Veterans Memorial Bridge, on this glorious city commute.

Don’t get too confident though. We still have an even bigger obstacle to conquer during this city commute. It’s called, “The Veterans Memorial Bridge.”

 Don’t Continue This City Commute Unless You Dare Cross The Veterans Memorial Bridge

Do you dare cross the Veterans Memorial Bridge to continue this city commute?
Do you dare cross the Veterans Memorial Bridge to continue this city commute?

What looks like an innocent stretch of sidewalk is actually a bicyclist’s nightmare. Not only can the metal dividers knock the fillings out of your teeth, there’s another huge danger.

Scattered across each sidewalk is glass shrapnel, that requires quick reflexes to dodge. One mistake, and this city commute ends with walking the rest of the way to dads.

Fortunately, the Brompton has a suspension block in the back to smooth out the bumps. And the small wheels makes it very agile, to avoid obstacles. Plus, the Schwalbe Marathon tires with puncture-resistance, helps a lot.

With the hurricane winds blowing across the bridge today, were being extremely careful.

With nerves of steel, here we go. So hang on and don’t look back!

We Deserve A Little Break From This Epic City Commute

About to pass through a pedestrian bridge on this wonderful city commute.
About to pass through a pedestrian bridge on this wonderful city commute.

Congratulations! We made it across the Veterans Memorial Bridge. And what a challenge it was.

We’re going to take a little break ahead. This is the same spot the Brompton and myself had to wait out a bad storm one time. We were coming back from the bike shop, when suddenly it started to sprinkle. By the time we got to this pedestrian bridge, the rain was coming down in buckets.

Fortunately, I was able to fold the Brompton, and my sister came to pick us up. I felt sorry for the bicyclists that rode by looking like they just jumped into a swimming pool.

Taking a break from this tough city commute.
Taking a break from this tough city commute.

In this very same spot, the Brompton and myself had to wait for my sister, I’m going to remove my Adidas Alliance 2 Sackpack from my back.

You didn’t think I’d forgot my sackpack, RIGHT?! It goes everywhere I go, and carries all my personal belongings, including the Halls cough drops I’m about to use.

All that technical riding, and high winds on the Veterans Memorial Bridge was tiresome.

A few years ago when I use to climb Mt Everest sized hills on my way to work, I learned that sucking on Halls cough drops opens your airways, and improves air flow. It’s a trick I use to make the racers in the Tour De France look slow. Watch out Tour De France Racers, here I come!!!

We’re Visiting Maplewood Park Before Finishing Our City Commute

While we’re waiting for these Halls cough drops to take effect, I’m going to take a few pictures with my iPhone.

Maplewood park has a cool water fountain. And if you catch it at the right time and angle, you can see a rainbow.

On break from city commute to take pictures at Maplewood Park.
On break from city commute to take pictures at Maplewood Park.

Even the geese can’t resist this little pond, not too far from the noisy expressway.

The ducks hate to see us go back to our city commute.
The ducks hate to see us go back to our city commute.

Now, with the picture-taking frenzy out of our system, let’s get to dads house for some tasty pasta. The Halls cough drops are starting to take effect. And I’m getting an energy surge that would even put the Energizer Bunny to shame.

Pasta Is The Reward For Completing A Tough City Commute

We finally made it to dads apartment. Once we left Maplewood Park, it was less than a 5 minute ride. The Brompton is folded. Dad is on his was down on the elevator. And the pasta is ready for us.

Entering dads apartment, all we can smell is pasta. Covered with grated cheese with a side of bread and butter, this is an enjoyable time.

Now that dinner is over, we’re going to watch a movie with dad. Work on his tablet for a bit. Yes, it’s blog related!!! We’ll look at some new commuting gear, that’s available to us awesome commuters.

And, let’s not forget our discussion with dad about the latest happening on “The Walking Dead”. A few years ago, I got dad hooked on this show, after convincing him that it’s completely different from the rest. Now, he can’t wait to watch the new season.

This city commute with great pasta has been fun, but I just got a phone call, meaning one thing.

It’s Time To Go

I told dad I’ll call him later, while heading towards the elevator. After stepping off the elevator, and pulling the Brompton through the electric doors, the rest of this city commute will be much different.

I didn’t bother unfolding the Brompton once I got outside the building because…….


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