Cheap Bike Races Super Bike And Wins

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Today I present to you a video by one of my favorite channels on YouTube. If I was you I’d stay tuned because this is going to be exciting. I’m going to tell you about the time I had an incredible race while riding my affordable (cheap bike) hybrid bike home from work.

It was a warm sunny day. Sweat was rolling down my forehead from under my helmet. A few minutes ago I just went around the last corner before I got onto the long, straight stretch home.

I was in superb shape and pumping out some major RPM’s in 14th gear. The parked cars were flying past me as if they were driving backwards. As I looked in my mirror, I could see that even the city bus was having a hard time catching me.

Even Lance Armstrong wanted no piece of me, but I was still hoping he had the courage to show up.

The Cheap Bike And Myself Got A Huge Surprise

Out of nowhere this red streak flew past me. A few seconds ago there was nothing behind me, so whatever it was it was moving extremely fast.

When I got to the light my chin dropped. Riding a red super bike, there he was. Lance Armstrong! He looked over at me, and gave me a wink. It was at this moment that I knew I was about to enter a race like never before.

The light turned green and we both took off like turbo jets. We both produced a sonic boom that could be heard from way across the other side of the world. At least this was what I pictured in my mind.

What really happened was the complete opposite. After the light turned green, Lance Armstrong left me in the dust.

At first I was able to maintain a reasonable speed in 14th gear, but that didn’t last for long. With the wind fighting against me I gradually had to drop down as low as 6th gear. I was breathing heavy and my legs were on fire.

A Lesson Learned

I never did catch that red road bike. And as you probably already know, I wasn’t racing Lance Armstrong. It’s a good thing that I wasn’t, because he would have totally destroyed me.

But I still learned a few hard lessons that day while riding that cheap bike. In our minds we see things much differently than they actually are.

I wasn’t riding the proper bike for racing. And I wasn’t in as great shape as I thought.

Also, this wasn’t a real race. The guy never looked over at me, and definitely didn’t offer a challenge. The whole race only existed in my mind.

The whole time I was competing against someone else, when what I should have been doing was competing against myself.

Since then I’ve learned to not compare myself to others. We all start from the bottom and have to take our own paths to success.

There’s always going to be challenges in life, and we won’t win them all. But each time we get kicked in the @$$, we will get back up stronger than ever.

And That’s Exactly What I Did

It was that day that I finally learned to love that cheap bike. What it lacked in speed, it made up for in comfort and durability. I never had to worry about it being stolen while locked up, and it was very affordable to fix.

Eventually, I did test out the same road bike that the guy was riding that day. After that test ride I came to the right conclusion. It was fast. Looked impressive. But wasn’t the right tool for the job. I kept my cheap bike.

Thank you for following along today, and I hope you enjoyed the post.

I’ve also included the video from GCN (Global Cycling Network) that inspired me to share this story. Enjoy and let me know what you think.

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