Buying A Second Hand Dahon Folding Bike

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Buying a second hand Dahon folding bike! Here’s an extremely useful post that Dahon has provided, on how to buy a second hand Dahon folding bike.

Even though this post tells you what to look for when buying a used Dahon, it’s still useful no matter what name brand folding bike you’re purchasing.

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Tips when buying a second hand Dahon, or any other type of used folding bike

Whenever you’re about to purchase a Dahon, it’s always highly recommended that you head to your local Dahon dealer.

Despite the internet having quite a bit of options for buying a second hand Dahon, you still want to make sure that you invest in a folding bike that will give you many good years of service. Nothing beats a brand new folding bike.

However, if you’re still determined to buy a used folding bike, here’s some helpful tips and advice for getting the best out of a used folding bike.

1. You get what you pay for

Or do you? Sometimes, when purchasing second hand Dahon’s this statement isn’t always true. Prices and quality can vary greatly depending on who’s selling it.

Some people will keep their bikes in excellent condition over the years that they own it. Then they will sell it at a reasonable rate so that someone else can enjoy it as much as they have.

Then there are some people who will have left a very nice bicycle out in the elements, rusting away in their yard. And then will expect to make a lot of money on it, because it’s a Dahon. Or because it’s vintage.

Sometimes you will get lucky, and find someone who has a rare Dahon that’s in mint condition. Unfortunately, in this situation, you most likely won’t be able to avoid the higher price tag.

NOTE: You usually can find a bike in the condition and price range that fits your needs. Just keep looking.

2. Is it a Dahon folding bike?

It’s important that you’re aware that sometimes Dahon makes bikes for other brands. If you know what to look for, they are easy to identify. Just look for a sticker saying ‘Dahon licensed technology’ somewhere on the frame.

Although the quality of these bikes is great, and pass all international safety tests, they still don’t use the same level of components or technology that’s used on Dahon bikes. So, they’re not as high end as the leading Dahon range.

For example, the hinge may use an expired patent. Or, some people might state that the bike is a Dahon when there’s no connection whatsoever.

NOTE: It’s important to keep an eye out for people selling online, who are trying to draw in buyers. They will claim that the bike is a Dahon, even if it doesn’t have the Dahon logo on the frame.

3. Find out as much as possible about the folding bike before buying

If possible, always test ride the bike before buying it. Carefully look the bike over. Look for cracks, rust, etc.

You can also find a few tips on checking the bikes condition in the service section of Dahon’s Owners Manual.

It’s also a great idea to ask the seller to take a photo of the serial number. This can tell you a lot about the frame material and age.

NOTE: Modern Dahon’s with a steel frame always have a T in the serial number. The rest are aluminum. And older models vary. The serial number may be able to tell you if the bike is registered as stolen. Many countries have a national database for stolen bikes. 

For those in the USA, look here.

In the UK, look here.

4. Go to your local Dahon dealer

As soon as you either have a shiny new, or old bike, don’t make the mistake of assuming it’s ready to ride.

Unless you’re a bicycle mechanic, or quite proficient in bicycle maintenance, don’t risk your safety. Take your bike to your local Dahon dealer, or any other local bike shop for service.

5. Remember these last points

Remember these common sense points when buying a second hand Dahon folding bike.

When buying through online, free-ad and similar sites, never give out your personal information.

NOTE: This means don’t tell anyone your account details. Don’t send money without meeting the seller. And alway test ride the bike first.

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