Brompton Single Speed Discontinued?

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Today we heard some sad news from one of our sources, pertaining to Brompton folding bikes. Brompton bikes have many different options when you order them from the factory located in Greenford London. Ever since Andrew Ritchie began designing them in 1975 they’ve been improving ever since. Currently, you can get different handlebars (S-bars, M-bars, and H-bars) to suit your riding style. You can also get different seat post heights (standard, extended, and telescopic) based upon how tall you are. They also come in many incredible colors. And gear ranges (2-speed, 3-speed, and 6-speed) except single speed. Yes, you heard right. The Brompton single speed has been discontinued.


We understand that the purists who love the simplicity, and clean lines of the single speed Brompton folding bike are probably very upset over this. And quite frankly we don’t blame you. Not only does the single speed brompton have that sleek look, there’s also not much that can go wrong with it. It’s cheap to fix and maintain. There’s no extra cables hanging or rattling around on it, except your brake cables. The back hub doesn’t have any internal gears to overhaul every so often. Or moving parts such as a chain pusher (used by the 2-speed). You do have a chain tensioner, but that’s about it.

You also don’t have to worry about adjusting gear cables, or trigger shifters, because there are none. This is the type of folding bike that you unfold, hop on, and ride to where you need to go. Or fold it up, get on a bus or train, and ride the rest of the way to your destination, once you get to the other end.

Even after hundreds of miles of abuse in all weather conditions, this folding bicycle will still be going strong.

Why did the Brompton single speed get discontinued?

We’re not exactly sure why the single speed version got discontinued, but we do have a few hunches:

  • Maybe they weren’t a popular choice.
  • The 2-speed version offers more gear ranges while still being virtually maintenance free, and not adding much weight.
  • Brompton electric is now available, and they want to put more focus into these models.
  • It costs less to manufacture so many gear options.

Whatever the reason was for discontinuing the single speed model, we’re sure it was for the right one.

To find out more about Brompton folding bikes, visit:

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