Brompton Metro Pouch – Again!!! By Brilliant Bikes

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In this featured video and post, Brilliant Bikes, is going to tell you about the new 2020 Brompton Metro Pouch – again!!!

Here’s what Brilliant Bikes will discuss in this video and post about the Brompton Metro Pouch

We made a short video on the new Brompton Metro Pouch – we missed testing if the bike would fold OK with the pouch on the handlebars.

Next we made a video on the Brompton Metro Backpack – we did a quick test of the folding with the metro pouch here – and showed it doesn’t fold when on the handlebars….facing forwards – But didn’t think of facing backwards.

So – here we go again

We also didn’t feel so comfortable carrying things in the pouch when mounted on the handlebars.

Now we learned how to fit it better – so thought we would share.

We have also tried it mounted on the saddle on a telescopic seatpost. It doesn’t work so well – as the upper portion of the [telescopic] seatpost is aluminum. So the magnet doesn’t stick and the bag just flops about annoyingly.

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