Brompton Folding Bike Kickstand And An Adventure

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It was a Tuesday afternoon. The weather was warm. There was hardly no wind. No rain. My dad had to go to our favorite local bike shop to get his Dahon Speed P8 looked at, because his chain kept coming off. This was three days before we went on our Xootr Scooter Adventure And Genesee Riverway trip. My dad ended up having a new chain installed, while I just had the chain on my 2-speed Brompton checked. The news was good as I’ll need a new chain by fall of 2021 if I ride it consistently, which I don’t anymore. The reason I don’t is mainly due to the Brompton folding bike kickstand.

For those that ride a Brompton folding bicycle, you understand what I mean by Brompton folding bike kickstand. Unlike a regular bicycle, the Brompton doesn’t have a traditional kickstand.

Where is the Brompton folding bike kickstand?

There’s no regular kickstand bolted onto the middle of the frame above the bottom bracket, where you drop it with your foot. Instead, you have to fold the back wheel underneath the frame, known as “Brompton Park Mode” or half folded.

How do you fold a Brompton folding bike?

Folding a Brompton folding bike is extremely easy once you’ve done it a few times. Here’s a great video called, “How To Unfold And Fold Your Brompton by Brilliant Bikes.” Once you’ve watched it, the following will make a lot more sense.

Parking a Brompton folding bike

When you park a Brompton folding bike, you will release the lever right behind the seat post, and swing the back wheel underneath. The only difference is that you won’t lower the seat post or fold the frame and drop the handlebars. This is known as “Park Mode.”

This eliminates the need to replace a kickstand that gets loose over time, or ends up breaking. Plus, it saves a bit of weight.

As long as you’re not carrying anything on your back rack, this is actually a great way to park your Brompton while not in use.

Why Did I use the Brompton folding bike this time instead of my Tern Link D8?

It was the time of the year when I start putting my folding bikes away for the winter months. Plus, 2020 has been a rough year for cycling. I figured that I’d call 2020 quits for cycling, and just finish the year out riding the Xootr scooter until the snow starts coming down.

The second reason was that the Tern Link D8 was all cleaned up and put away for the winter months. Once I clean any bike for the last time of the year, I no longer bring it back out.

And the last reason is that the Brompton folding bike is much easier to carry around while folded, something that came in handy on this particular day, because we went and had coffee after our bike shop run.

Advantages of the Brompton kickstand:

  • No kickstand to get loose or break.
  • Makes bike smaller while in “Park Mode.”
  • Gives bike cleaner look.
  • Lighter than having a kickstand.

Disadvantages of the Brompton kickstand:

  • Not as stable on hills or uneven surfaces.
  • Can’t use back rack in “Park Mode.”
  • More of a pain just to use kickstand than a traditional kickstand.

On this particular trip I wasn’t carrying anything on the Brompton back rack, so the Brompton folding bike kickstand was perfectly fine when I stopped to take this photo on the way back home.

Brompton folding bike in “Park Mode.”
Brompton folding bike in “Park Mode.”

The surface was flat and mostly smooth, so the Brompton was very stable. And I wasn’t concerned with it getting a little dusty while the wind slightly started to pick up, because I was going to clean it up when I got home and put it to sleep for the rest of the year anyway.

Overall, it was a great trip and the Brompton and me is looking forward to bringing you all along on more adventures in 2021.

To learn more about Brompton folding bikes check out their website at:

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