Brompton Cover Bag For Sneaking Into Places

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Brompton cover bag for sneaking into places! My Brompton cover bag is like the best friend that you can always count on. Whenever I need to be stealthy, and sneak my Brompton into places, the bag is there. If it starts to rain and I need to keep my Brompton dry, the bag is there. For the rare occasions I need to cover my Brompton up for travel, the bag is there.

For being so cheap to purchase, the Brompton cover bag has been very useful

There’s many types of bags, travel cases and other accessories that you can purchase for the Brompton folding bike. At times, all these various choices can become overwhelming. This is especially true if you’re just buying your first Brompton.

For everyday urban commuting, the Brompton cover bag is the best option for price and ease of use.

This amazing bag saved me on more than one occasion. One time I was coming home from the bike shop and it started to sprinkle. Knowing that it was about to rain very hard, I got to a pedestrian bridge and hid underneath. I waited under this bridge, with the bag over the Brompton, until my ride came.

My Brompton stayed nice and dry, and so did I.

A few other times, I used this bag to bring my Brompton into restaurants and public transportation.

Of course this bag would be very useful while traveling also. You could easily cover the Brompton while boarding the train, or putting it in the overhead bin of a plane, if it’s large enough.

Then when you get to your destination, fold the bag up, put it into the seat bag and ride off on your Brompton. What makes this handy is that you don’t have to worry about where you’re going to put the bag once you arrive at your destination.

This bag is easy to store anywhere when not attached to the seat on the Brompton folding bike. @bromptonusa @bromptonjunctionny @bromptonbicycle
This bag is easy to store anywhere when not attached to the seat on the Brompton folding bike. @bromptonusa @bromptonjunctionny @bromptonbicycle

With a hard case, this can turn into a serious problem. You might not be able to ride your Brompton to where you need to go. Instead you might have to pay for a cab or Uber.

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