Brompton Brooks Saddle And Grips Upgrade

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Brompton Brooks Saddle and grips upgrade: Blue is our latest (and oldest Brompton) – a 5 speed short wheelbase model.

We decided the first upgrade would be smarter grips and saddle.

Installing the Brompton Brooks Saddle and grips upgrade

Pre – 2017 M-type handlebars came with 100mm grips – these are quite an unusual length – luckily Brooks do slender grips in leather to match the saddle with a length of 100mm.

In this video we will show how the saddle and grips are installed.

We already made a video on Pentaclip installation – and don’t want to waster time on repetition – so here’s a link to the original here: Pentaclip Installation

The Brooks B17 carved slender saddle can be found here:

The Brooks Slender grips can be found here:

(Equipment – so we can remember!)

  • Camera: Sony A6400 / GoPro 6 Black
  • Sony Lens: 35mm F1.8
  • Sound: Rode Wireless

Watch the video for complete details

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