Black Fly Sunglasses Last Forever

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The Black Fly Sunglasses have been the best I’ve ever purchased. Just like you, before I purchased these sunglasses, I was very frustrated. You’ve experienced the metal sunglasses that hardly last a year.


Just like me, you’ve also tried those cheap gas station brands that crumble easier than stale tortilla chips. Even the very expensive name brands have left you furious.


Finding a great pair of sunglasses that looks stylish and lasts long, is harder than finding the holy grail. That is, until now.


Meet the best sunglasses you’ll ever own in your entire lifetime. These amazing sunglasses are called the Black Flys Micro Fly Sunglasses.

7 year old pair of Black Flys Micro Fly Sunglasses.
7 year old pair of Black Flys Micro Fly Sunglasses.

Why I Purchased The Black Flys Micro Fly Sunglasses

Similar to the sunglasses you most likely own at this moment, my sunglasses were ready for retirement. The paint was peeling off the metal frame, making them look old and tired. You would have sworn they were over 10 years old. Unfortunately, they were only 1-year-old.


Another common issue that I was experiencing and you can relate to, was hinge problems. From daily use, the hinges were more wobbly than a bobble head. They would constantly fall off and weren’t very comfortable at all.


As a result, the lenses were all scratched and chipped. You already know how difficult it is trying to see through battered sunglass lenses. It’s one of the most irritating problems you’ll ever face.


I dealt with these dysfunctional sunglasses until I was no longer giving a choice. One day while I was putting them on, one of the arms suddenly snapped. I was angry and relieved, and everything in between, all at the same time.


Little did I know, this was a blessing in disguise. It forced me to go on a worldwide sunglass hunt, without the Indiana Jones world expeditions of course. From the comfort of home, and a bit of internet savvy, I settled on a pair from

Even Celebrities Like Black Flys Sunglasses

The pair I chose were the Black Flys Micro Fly Sunglasses. You’ll definitely agree that great sunglasses that are affordable, is a huge bonus. These particular sunglasses were on sale for an unbeatable price. Over half off to be exact.


They also look very sleek and cool, something I know is also very important to you. Unlike the navigator style from the 1970’s, these have a great shape that even rock stars and celebrities can’t resist.


That’s right, this is the brand that many famous people prefer. And once you try them, you’ll feel like a celebrity too, especially after you receive tons of compliments.


What I Like About My Black Flys Micro Fly Sunglasses

Black Flys offers a dizzying amount of different styles that appeal to everyone. I like a much sleeker, smaller, and lighter style of sunglasses.


This makes them much more comfortable, especially after resting on your nose for long periods of time. I’m sure you can relate to this also, because we’ve all had this same problem at some point while being proud sunglass owners.


I’m also extremely happy with the color that I chose. Even after 7 years of brutal wear and tear, the matte black color hasn’t shown any signs of peeling. That’s because they’re made of a high polymer type of plastic that’s not coated.


Even after being dropped multiple times, the smoke colored lenses still have no cracks or chips. These polarized beauties are still in incredible shape, and protect my eyes from both types of sun rays.


Even the details of these sunglasses shout coolness. On the outside of the durable arms, that still work like brand new, are metal stamps. And on these stamps is the name, Black Flys.

Metal stamp with name on durable arm with flawless hinge on Black Flys Micro Fly Sunglasses.
Metal stamp with name on durable arm with flawless hinge on Black Flys Micro Fly Sunglasses.

There’s a superb reason why the hinges on the durable arms work flawlessly, and are beyond durable. Black Flys puts them together with precision that even puts a brain surgeon to shame, something I know you’ll agree with. This has saved me the hassle of bringing out the dreaded screwdriver, and needing to tighten the screws.


But, what I really think you’ll find totally awesome, is what the arms say on the inside. On one arm it says “You Buy”. And on the other it says “We’ll Fly”.


Black Flys Sunglasses Will Last Forever

As I’ve already made very clear, and something you will also appreciate, Black Flys last forever. Over the last 7 years I’ve put these phenomenal sunglasses through hell.


They’ve been dropped from on top of the Empire State Building. Smashed against the side of a building at 65 miles per hour. And ran over by a city bus.


Plus, I have no idea how they withstood being worn by a Silver Back gorilla at Seneca Park Zoo. No matter how hard I wrestled with him, he wouldn’t take them off.


Okay, maybe I’ve exaggerated a bit here, but I’m sure you get the idea about how durable they are by now.


Black Flys Sunglasses Are A Lifetime Purchase

I’m not kidding when I say, 150 years from now when I’m riding my Jetsons hover board back to the nursing home, I’ll still be wearing these same sunglasses.


When I originally bought this pair, I liked them so much, I ordered a second pair for when they broke.


Thinking that these would be just like the pair you’re wearing at this very moment, I thought these would be broken within a year. Instead, Black Flys fooled me by selling me a pair that refuses to break.

Black Flys Micro Fly Sunglasses travel bag.
Black Flys Micro Fly Sunglasses travel bag.

I can picture in my mind, the executives at Black Flys are laughing like Doctor Evil, as they mock me for thinking otherwise.


It’s their way of teaching me a lesson and stroking their egos, as they pursue their evil plans to take over the world of sunglasses.


Now go buy yourself a pair of Black Flys and I assure you, 15 years from now they’ll be doing the same to you.



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