Bicycle Comfort Tip Of The Day: Night Commute

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Today, we welcome back BikeBlogger, who’s going to be telling you a bicycle comfort tip of the day during a night commute.

Here’s what BikeBlogger has to say in this video about a bicycle comfort tip of the day during a night commute

Tonight we bike and blog about bicycle comfort! How do you stay comfortable on your bike?

Bike fit is critical. Fitness, strong core and back, stretching is helpful. Tires play a huge roll too.

When riding a bike there are three main contact points:

  1. saddle
  2. handlebars
  3. pedals

Choose your saddle based upon your body.

Choose your handlebars based upon your riding style.

Choose your pedals based upon your preference.


Saddles come in all different shapes and sizes and how you install it (tilted slightly up, down, or level) has a big effect on feeling and performance.

Saddle height is also very important. Your leg should be slightly bent when at the bottom of the downstroke on the pedal. Too much leg bend is inefficient and too little can injure your knee.


Handlebars come in different shapes and sizes as well. There are flat handlebars (common on mountain bikes), drop handlebars (common on road bars), bullhorn handlebars (common on Single speed bikes), and everything in between.

Handlebar reach is also very important. A longer handlebar stem or brake lever distance from your body means you will need to reach forward and down more. This stretches you in ways that may make you uncomfortable physically, or uncomfortable on the road where paying attention to traffic is very important.

Handlebar tape or bar grips help reduce road buzz and getting extra padding on the bars (or using gloves) can take the vibrations away.


Pedals come in platform (standard) type, toe clips for foot retention, and clipless for cycling shoe retention systems.

Petals that help you to keep your feet firmly planted on them in a natural but efficient position is critical to avoiding ankle pain.

Drink water while you ride, get up and stretch occasionally, and dial in that bike fit and you’ll be riding comfortable in no time!

Watch the video for complete details

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