Best Cycling Accessories For Bike Commuting

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I will talk about the best cycling accessories for bike commuting. Whether you ride your bike to work every day, or just once a week, these bike accessories are a must have!

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Here is everything I talked about in the video.

This video was sponsored by UNICHE

  • UNICHE Stepless Bicycle Ratchet Mini Tool
  • UNICHE Elite CO2 Inflator
  • UNICHE tubeless puncture kit
  • Cycling backpack (waterproof)
  • Zefal Z Box Drum Tool holder
  • Mini pump
  • Cateye Volt 400 Bike lights
  • Knog Oi Bike bell


  • 0:00 – Start
  • 1:18 – What cycling accessories should you bring for bike commuting?
  • 4:25 – UNICHE stepless tool cycling multi tool
  • 7:25 – Cycling tools I bring on my bike
  • 11:38 – On body cycling accessories
  • 13:50 – Honorable mention cycling accessories
  • 14:50 – Conclusion

My thoughts after bike commuting every day for 6 months:

Commuting by MTB – Advantaged and Disadvantages:

Commuting by Road Bike – Advantages and Disadvantages:

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Other accessories that you might find essential:

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