Aer Fit Pack 2 For The City Professional On The Go!

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Don’t forget to grab your Aer Fit Pack 2 before you leave. We know you’re RUNNING LATE for your daily commute, but you’ll be glad you did.

Aer Fit Pack 2 For The City Professional On The Go!
Aer Fit Pack 2 For The City Professional On The Go!

We know that you’re in a rush, but we don’t want you to realize you forgot something 10 minutes into your commute.

What you need is piece of mind, knowing that all your stuff is neatly organized into one backpack. Now when you need to leave at a moments notice, all you have to do is grab and go.

Exactly what backpacks are designed for, like the ones by Aer.

Who is Aer?


Aer specializes in creating modern gym/work bags for city professionals.

Aer, a small team based out of Bay Area in San Francisco, was started in 2014 as a crowdfunding project. They combined a gym bag and an office bag into one simplified design, and have been creating award-winning products ever since.

Inspired by the city, they create products that balance smart features with a clean, minimalist style.

With the Aer Fit Pack 2, they have definitely succeeded

Part of the company’s extensive Active Collection, the Fit Pack is very stylish and well-thought out.

Now you can store your gym/work essentials without adding extra bulk. This stylish and functional daypack goes everywhere you go. Just like a shadow, it never leaves your side. It’s now your office and gym companion whenever you’re away from home.

Who is the Aer Fit Pack 2 for?

It’s designed for the busy commuter that needs a backpack for commuting between work and the gym, and everywhere else. But needs a bag that’s light, comfortable, and carries all their gear, eliminating the need to carry a second bag.

With it’s cleverly placed pockets, this backpack does just that, plus more.

What makes this backpack special?

Just like it’s predecessor, the Aer Duffle bag, it has all the same amazing features. What makes it special is that it contains a lot of new ones, making it even better.

Aer gave it better carrying capacity with bigger compartments. Provided easier organization with more pockets. And more comfortable with changed padding.

With all these new features, while being water-resistant, all your gadgets are easily available while being kept safe from the rain.

Let’s talk about the main compartment

Main compartment.
Main compartment.

We love the main compartment with it’s plentiful amount of pockets for accessories, such as a wallet, headphones, keys, or cell phone. And padded laptop sleeve to protect it from any bumps or drops.

Quick-access pocket on top.
Quick-access pocket on top.

For those moments for when you need to grab something quickly, there’s a quick-access pocket on top.

Aer Fit Pack 2 isn’t your ordinary backpack

Unlike standard backpacks, the Fit Pack 2 has pockets to store your workout gear.

Large pouch on the front of the bag.
Large pouch on the front of the bag.

The large pouch on the front of the bag, holds your gym clothes and water bottle, with room to spare.

On the bottom of the bag, is a separate slot to put your workout shoes.

Separate bottom slot to put your workout shoes, as long as they’re not over size 13.
Separate bottom slot to put your workout shoes, as long as they’re not over size 13.

Both compartments have built-in ventilation so even on your sweatiest days, the bag won’t stink up too much.

Aer Fit Pack 2 is slim and lightweight, despite providing so much room to carry stuff

It’s impressive how Aer has been able to allow you to carry so much stuff, while still keeping this backpack so slim and lightweight.

Enough room to carry all your daily essentials.
Enough room to carry all your daily essentials.

We’ve been able to carry our Apple iPads/laptops, cell phones and chargers, portable power bank, Fisher Space Pens, a pair of sunglasses and clear glasses for night riding, a water bottle, workout gear, and extra food.

This backpack is comfortable

Yet, with so much stuff, the backpack never felt cumbersome,  with piece of mind that I’ve never left anything important at home, because everything is conveniently stored in the bag.

My cycling commutes are about 10 miles round trip every other day. On other days, I tend to use the Xootr Scooter when my commute is around 5 miles round trip. For trips that require walking, it’s usually 2 miles round trip.

Aer Fit Pack 2 has back and shoulder straps that keep the bag feeling comfortable.
Aer Fit Pack 2 has back and shoulder straps that keep the bag feeling comfortable.

On all three types of commutes, the backpack’s back and shoulder straps keep the bag feeling comfortable, thanks to it’s straps padded mesh.

Buckle that straps across your chest keeps the Aer Fit Pack 2 from flopping around.
Buckle that straps across your chest keeps the Aer Fit Pack 2 from flopping around.

To keep the bag form flopping around, all you have to do is buckle the strap across your chest. Now you can run to your bus or train, cycle to work, kick scoot, or run, and never worry about your bag slowing you down.

A great bargain for the professional commuter on the go, or gym-goer

At $135, this bag seems quite expensive, but if you’re a busy commuter on the go, or a frequent gym-goer, it’s well worth it.

This lean backpack won’t carry everything if you decide to travel, but will absolutely allow you to carry everything you need on a daily basis.

No matter how you commute, rather by bus, train, bicycle, kick scooter or walking, you’ll always have all your essentials with you no matter where your day takes you.

What we like

  • Affordable.
  • Attractive design.
  • Looks sleek in the color black.
  • Perfect for commuters.
  • Water-resistant material keeps your gear safe and sound.
  • Comfortable enough to wear all day.
  • Ventilation keeps bag fresh, no mater how stinky your. clothes and shoes are.


  • Not the best option for people who lug around more than the bare necessities.
  • Grey version lacks the enhanced-strength nylon the black version features.


  • 900D eco-dyed polyester exterior
  • YKK® Japanese zippers
  • Duraflex® Plastic hardware
  • Front-load main compartment for spacious storage and easy access
  • Ventilated shoe compartment (fits up to men’s size 13 shoes)
  • Padded laptop pocket (fit up to 15.6” laptop)
  • Quick-access top pocket for small valuables
  • Multiple internal pockets for accessories
  • Padded mesh back panel for enhanced comfort and breathability
  • Sternum strap for comfort and stability


Length: 18.5” (47 cm) Width: 12.5 “ (32 cm) Depth: 8” (20 cm)


18.8 L


1.9 lbs

As Featured In


“Aer made a great product line even better”

Gear Patrol


“These are some of the strongest options around”

Everyday Carry


“It’s perfect for commuters”


Where to buy

To check out the Aer Fit Pack 2 and other products, visit

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