These 5 Adult Scooter Myths Are B.S

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Here’s the deal. You’re either an adult scooter rider or you’re not. If you are, then you understand why they’ve become so popular among adults the last few years. Adult kick scooters are the most cost-effective, portable and fun way to commute around an urban setting. If not, then it’s most likely that you’ve become victim to the 5 adult scooter myths that we are calling complete B.S.

Here’s the 5 adult scooter myths that we’re calling complete B.S

MYTH 1 – You believe that a scooter will make you look like a kid

If you believe that people are going to point and laugh at you while kicking down the street on an adult kick scooter, we feel your pain.

You’ll look cool, not silly, while riding an adult kick scooter!
You’ll look cool, not silly, while riding an adult kick scooter!

When we first started riding adult kick scooters, we felt quite silly also. We were worried what complete strangers riding in cars would think. Even while riding public transportation where kick scooters truly excel, we’d hesitate to bring them on a bus or train.

Adults everywhere who saw the kick scooter loved it

That’s until strangers started noticing how much faster we were flying to our destination than they were. In fact, strangers did the opposite of laugh or make rude comments. Almost everywhere we went, complete strangers would approach us and say, nice scooters.

Kick scooters aren’t toys

I know that kick scooters are still seen as kids toys by some, like they were in the 90’s. But these days, there’s adult versions available, and they’re totally capable of commuting on.

The adult kick scooter is a serious mode of transportation

I’m sure that there’s still people out there that are still unable to see adult kick scooter as serious transportation. Then again, there was once a time when bicycles weren’t viewed as viable transportation. And we all know how that all turned out.

Kick scooters are popular in places like Europe

But as adult scooters become more popular, such as in the majority of European cities where E-scooters are just as common as any other form of transportation, people will realize just how useful they truly are.

Modern adult kick scooters are nothing like the cheap, low quality ones we all rode as kids

Comparing adult scooters to the cheap, low quality ones that we all rode as a kid, isn’t a good reason not to ride one. As an adult, I wouldn’t even recommend these poorly designed kick scooter to a child. The adult kick scooters available now are sturdy. Have wide decks to accommodate adult feet. Glide on larger, smoother and faster wheels. And even have a front and back brake, such as Xootr scooters.

Scooters are cool, great for the environment, and are great exercise while getting places faster!

Kick scooters won’t only make you look cool, they will also give you toned legs and buns of steel, while also cutting down on your carbon footprint. Also, bystanders will be jealous while you fly past them like Flash Gordon, while they commute at a snails pace, which is walking.

Celebrities love adult kick scooters

A few years ago, many adults wouldn’t have even considered commuting on an adult kick scooter. But after seeing celebrities such as Hugh Jackman, Tommy Chong and Kate Hudson ride one, they realized how beneficial they are in congested cities such as New York City.

You’ll no longer be stuck in traffic or crammed into a bus or train with other, not so ideal passengers

In busy cities, such as California and New York City where traffic jams are a normal part of life, many adults have discovered how useful they are at eliminating stressful commutes.

You can ride your kick scooter to the train station or bus stop. Get off at the nearest location to your final destination. Ride the kick scooter the rest of the way known as, “the last mile”, and avoid the common stresses of daily commuting.

No more being crammed up against other smelly or disruptive  passengers, like sardines in a can. And no more waiting for a second slow bus or train. Or paying extra for an Uber or taxi to bring you the rest of the way to work.

MYTH 2 – One leg will get bigger and stronger than the other one

Here’s one of those adult scooter myths that we all had when first starting scooting. While it’s true that we all have a dominant leg when first starting scooting, that will all pass after you get use to riding a scooter.

One of the biggest adult scooter myths is that you’ll end up with one leg bigger and stronger than the other.
One of the biggest adult scooter myths is that you’ll end up with one leg bigger and stronger than the other.

Soon enough, riding a kick scooter will feel like second nature

A kick scooter will always feel a little wobbly for the beginner, but just like when learning to ride a bicycle, this will soon become second nature.

As you get more comfortable riding a kick scooter, you’ll start to automatically change legs as your dominate one becomes tired.

You’ll master your kicking technique and get into shape

You’ll become more efficient in your kicking technique, and built up your leg muscles, such as your quads, glutes and even your core muscles. This will not only enable you to ride way faster, but also give you one heck of a workout.

At first this will be a little challenging, as it will cause you to get slightly out of breathe. Require you to develop better mental and physical concentration and coordination. And build you up physically, as you might have sore leg muscles for the first few days.

Hopping from side to side will force you to make use of the frontal plane while moving, and really unlock the multi-planar benefits of kick scooting.

Just master the SWITCH KICKING technique

Before you know it, you’ll become a Jedi at the ‘switch kicking’ technique, unless you have a kick scooter with a deck wide enough to put an aircraft carrier to shame, such as the one’s Xootr scooter uses.

Smaller decks on a kick scooter make them easier to carry

Otherwise, if you have a kick scooter with a medium or small deck, you’ll just have to learn this valuable new skill. Which by the way is totally worth it. That’s because there’s a huge benefit to having a kick scooter with a smaller deck.

It allows the kick scooter to fit through checkpoints at the subway station much easier. Or move through crowded bus isles more efficiently. Plus, it makes the kick scooter much lighter to carry, most of the time.

Mastering the SWITCH KICKING technique allows you to ride faster, easier and longer

Once mastered, you’ll be able to go further, ride on paths and other surfaces, and maneuver yourself around obstacles like the CHAMP that you are.

Another cool thing that you’ll find out is how many kicks are required before changing kicking legs. And how long you can sustain certain speeds. Let’s also not forget, that you’ll be able to ride your kick scooter long-distances, which is another one of those adult scooter myths.

MYTH 3 – Adult scooters can only go short distances

This one is definitely one of those adult scooter myths that just won’t ever go away. It’s true that scooting isn’t as fast or efficient as bicycling. But that doesn’t mean that kick scooting     won’t allow you to cover further distances.

Kick scooting becomes easier over time

Just like with running and cycling, you won’t have the stamina or capability to handle tougher routes, when first starting out.

With a little time and practice though, you’ll find out that scooters aren’t just very practical for short distances, but also traveling.

A lot of distance can be covered with a kick scooter

In an urban environment, it’s hard to keep track of how far you can go on your adult scooter, because everything is so close. And you always get there pretty fast.

If you were to actually set a day aside to focus on scooting from one point to another, you’d soon realize how much distance you can actually travel in a short time.

How fast can a kick scooter go?

An average kick scooter can go about 7-10 mph, which definitely adds up if you scoot for long periods of time.

Swifty Scooters, who we totally recommend for kick scooters, did some of their own research, and what they discovered was amazing. They can estimate that their customers accumulated a whopping 6,912,000 miles of scooting!

Listen to what Swifty scooters has to say

Of course, you don’t have to take our word for it. Just listen to what Swifty has to say about this incredible discovery, and what one of their brand ambassadors accomplished.

“Before you even realise it all your smaller journeys have built up to a considerable figure.

Saying this is all well and good but you don’t have to just take our word for it, we have the proof too! Swifty ambassador Dave Cornthwaite has travelled over 1000 miles on his specially made Swifty around Japan in just 33 days! On average that’s around 32 miles a day, which is no small distance by any means! To put this into perspective, see the below diagram.

The radius of the circle is 32 miles, which helps you visualise the distance you can go from where we are based at Swifty HQ in Salford! Not to mention that Russell Smith has pushed this even further during his Scoot from Lands End to John O’Groats. He managed to travel a staggering 45 miles in just one day!

Russell’s and Dave’s adventures may be a rather extreme example of how far you can scoot when you set your heart on it.
Russell’s and Dave’s adventures may be a rather extreme example of how far you can scoot when you set your heart on it.

Extreme distances can be achieved with a Swifty Scooter

Dave and Russell’s adventures may be a rather extreme example of how far you can scoot when you set your heart on it. But a more palatable case of the distance you can comfortably travel can be seen with our Swifty Holiday.

This is a holiday where your luggage gets moved around for you each day and you scoot between the different hotels around Lake Constance in Germany and Austria.

Since the majority of the route is via paved cycle paths it’s an ease to cover a long distance without any hassle. The final days of the holiday have you scooting 40km, but from the feedback, we’ve heard this is more than enough time to take in the views, stop off at some attractions and get to your hotel for the night without running out of puff! It just goes to show that distance isn’t an issue when it comes to scooting if you’ve found the right terrain.”

Super-Gran’ Dinah’s has also embarked on an epic 500-mile solo scoot around the north-west coast of Scotland. Read all about it HERE
Super-Gran’ Dinah’s has also embarked on an epic 500-mile solo scoot around the north-west coast of Scotland. Read all about it HERE

MYTH 4 – One of the greatest adult scooter myths ever is that you can’t scoot uphill

Just imagining going uphill using-human powered transport is enough to make you sweat. The challenges will be great, but it’s simply not true that you can’t scoot uphill.

We know that this is complete nonsense, because we’ve scooted uphill on many occasions.

Scooting uphill can be the same as walking, running or cycling for the first time up a hill

Think of scooting as the same as walking, running or cycling for the first time up a hill. It’s going to take a little practice, but once you’ve done it a few times, you’ll gain the confidence to realize that it can be done. Plus, the extra health benefits of doing so will be immense.

HIIT workouts are a benefit of scooting uphill

There’s no longer the need to go to the gym to do HIIT workouts. Scooting uphill will provide the benefits of high intensity, short workouts of pushing yourself to the absolute limit before resting.

All that extra resistance of going uphill on your way to work and home is going to save you a tone of time, while improving your health.

Get to know more about the benefits of using an adult kick scooter for fitness HERE

Scooting is also great for casual riders and commuters

However, we do understand that not everyone is choosing scooting for fitness purposes. Casual riders and commuters don’t want to tackle huge hills and arrive to work all sweaty and tired.

Do not fear, my faithful scooter commuters. Have confidence, because the good news is that it’s easy to hop on and off a kick scooter. If the hill you’re trying to climb is too steep, just step off and push the scooter uphill until you catch your breathe. Once you’re ready, just step back on and proceed.

Go at your own pace to suit your fitness level

What’s brilliant about scooting is the ability to go at your own pace to fit your current fitness level. You can start off with a couple kicks up a hill, and then walk the rest of the way until you’re ready to continue.
The biggest benefit will be how quickly you’re going to build up your strength and fitness. Each time you attempt to climb the same steep hills, you’ll find that you’ll be able to tackle them faster, and go longer.

Don’t forget myth number 2

Remember myth number two when it comes to tackling hills. Make sure you switch legs when encountering considerable inclines.

It will be necessary to swap kicking legs more frequently. Try 3-4 short and fast kicks on either leg for uphill straights.

Riding your kick scooter uphill is not going to be easy. But it’s very possible. The reward of cruising down the other side after a difficult climb, with the wind blowing through your hair, will be well worth it.

MYTH 5 – Adult scooters are just a passing fad

Scooters have been around for decades, and aren’t about to go anywhere. In fact they’ve become more popular than ever.

Companies are making many different types of scooters

Scooter have taken on all shapes and forms from companies such as, Xootr, Micro, and of course Swifty, who makes phenomenal models for urban, fitness, and adventure riding.

Swifty also makes models for kids, and even electric scooters.

Scooters come with 2, 3 or 4 wheels

Kick scooters, as we’ve already mentioned come in kick, pedal and motor power, with either 2, 3, or even 4 wheels. No matter what your age, physical capabilities, size, or shape, there’s a scooter out there that will fit your needs.

History of the kick scooter

It’s true that through the history of the scooter, many brands and designs have appeared and disappeared in equal numbers.

But despite this occurrence, in the last 10 years, adult scooters have had a huge boom in popularity. And there’s been a consistent upward trend ever since.

Why have adult scooters become so popular over the last 10 years?

This is an answer that’s very easy to answer, seeing that we’re scooter lovers ourselves.

People are looking for alternatives to driving cars for short-distance travel, while also staying physically fit. By combining kick scooting with commuting they’re accomplishing both at the same time.

Avoiding pollution and commuting stress

They also can reduce commuting stress by avoiding congested town and city centers. By not sitting in traffic jams with tons of pollution being pumped into our atmosphere, they can reduce stress and stay healthier.

With 55% of the worlds population living in urban areas, and expected to rise to 68% by 2050, the car isn’t a practical or efficient way to commute in the city anymore.

What we all need is a better, fitter, funner way to get around, and adult scooters fulfill this need perfectly.

Scooters are great for multi-modal travel

A huge benefit of a scooter is that it offers what’s known as multi-modal travel.

You can drive as close as possible to your destination, and then scoot the rest of the way. Kick scooters are not only lighter to carry then say a folding bike, they also can fit into small spaces when not in use.

They can also be brought into a bus or train for part of your journey, and then unfolded, and ridden the rest of the way.

The SwiftyOne is a great example of an urban scooter that can be used for such a journey.

Adult Scooters can also be much safer than other modes of transportation

kick scooters can also be much safer and less stressful than other modes of transportation, such as cycling.

By opting for a kick scooter, you can explore new routes away from roads filled with traffic and exhaust fumes.

Scooting also offers a practical solution when there’s a lack of sufficient cycling paths on the way to work. A scooter can also be used on the pavement.

Don’t let adult scooter myths prevent you from enjoying this fun, and practical mode of transportation.
Don’t let adult scooter myths prevent you from enjoying this fun, and practical mode of transportation.

Don’t believe the adult scooter myths, that kick scooters won’t last long-term for urban commuting

Adult kick scooters have been around for a long time, because their design has evolved significantly over the years to keep up with adult commuters needs.

Swifty has helped grow this adult scooter revolution

When Swifty launched their folding big wheel commuter scooter the SwiftyONE back in 2011, they not only made a vehicle that looked good and felt great to ride, they also offered a much more practical and versatile solution to city travel because of its easily foldable frame.

Meaning you can take it on the tube, tram or bus with no hassle!

Swifty doesn’t intend to stop innovating and coming up with new and more practical ways for scooters to fit into your day to day life either. So you can bet that Swifty will continue to evolve with the needs of their customers.

We hope this has cleared up a few of your initial pre-conceptions when it comes to scooters. If you have any other concerns or any thoughts let us know in the comments!

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