6 Years Of Autumn Bike Commuting And Injuries

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Today, we welcome back BikeBlogger, who’s going to be telling us about his 6 years of autumn bike commuting and injuries.

Here’s what BikeBlogger has to say in this video about his 6 years of autumn bike commuting and injuries

6 years of bike commuting in autumn on the BikeBlogger channel!

I’m still recovering from an ankle sprain but back on the bike now!

  • R = Rest, rest up
  • I = Ice, put ice on the swollen body part
  • C = Compression, wrap the injury with a bandage
  • E = Elevation, keep the injured body part above your heart

Physical therapy is very important on the road to recovery from injuries, and I’ve had a lot. Keep moving!

Cycling is considered a low impact activity and a great way to stay fit and active.

Note: Endorphins are associated with pleasure like biking for fun. Adrenaline is associated with stress like being chased by a dog while on a bike. Both are hormones the body produces as natural pain killers to reward and cope.

Correction: In the video I referred to RICE as an anagram. I meant to say acronym.

Watch the video for complete details

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How to find and contact BikeBlogger

To find and contact this cool, bicycle commuter called Bikeblogger, check out BikeBlogger.com. It’s here, where you’ll find out the latest about his bike commutes, the current bicycles he’s using for his commutes, and of course the latest gear that he recommends.

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