Front wrapper of Endangered Species chocolate.
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YUMMY Endangered Species chocolate!

That Wild Endangered Species Chocolate

YUMMY! One taste of Endangered Species chocolate and you’ll agree, it’s more than just yummy. I’ve tried many different brands of dark chocolate. And still, none have been able to compete with the taste and richness of Endangered Species chocolate.

Chocolate is one of those foods that everyone loves, but know that’s it’s not healthy to eat. This is due to the large amounts of sugar that they add to make it appealing to the taste buds. I know, because I use to deal with the same issues of finding a healthy chocolate that I could enjoy. With a cup of hot delicious coffee, of course.

Endangered Species Chocolate Yelled Out

How I discovered Endangered Species chocolate was an accident. But I like to think of it as fate. At the time, I was buying another good brand from the regular grocery stores. Dark chocolate has a lot of amazing health benefits that you read about right Here.

It can help lower Blog Pressure, Cholesterol, and combined with a healthy diet, help prevent Certain Cancers. These are things that regular, Highly Processed chocolates that I consider garbage don’t provide.

Walk through the isles of your regular grocery store, and you’ll see many types of chocolate from large manufacturers. And they’ll all be screaming for your attention like wild animals. Now turn the wrapper around like I do, and read the nutrition facts. There’s most likely globs of gooey, sweet sugar way up into the twenty something gram range. And that’s just for a little miniature sized piece.  The more expensive brand that I was usually buying, was also very low in sugar and contained a large amount of Cocoa. Ninety percent to be correct.

When I discovered the Endangered Species chocolate at Harts Local Grocers,  I wasn’t sure if it would be as good as my current dark chocolate. I’ll confess that I was loyal to the other brand.

Still there were a many things that drew me to the Endangered Species chocolate. And after reading the wrapper and the nutrition facts, I decided to give it a try.. Plus, the brand that I was currently buying from the regular grocery store, was all sold out and desperation was starting to set in.

Endangered Species Chocolate Goes Animal On Other Brands

At first when you compare the contents of the Endangered Species Chocolate to the other brand, it can be confusing. It appears that the Endangered Species has a higher sugar content. After reading the nutrition facts you’ll realize that the Endangered Species, just plain dominates the other brands. It’s as if it goes animal on them. Endangered Species chocolate has only five grams of sugar in half the bar. Most other brand have four grams for a quarter of the bar.

The Endangered Species chocolate has way less sugar and more Cocoa. Could the other brands be falsely advertises as having more. Or could it be that they just met their match, against a more animalistic chocolate? Let’t think about that for a while. Endangered Species chocolate is much healthier for you, and tastes way more richer and smoother.

Nutrition facts on back of Endangered Species chocolate wrapper.
Nutrition facts on back of Endangered Species chocolate wrapper.

Endangered Species Chocolate Animalized My Mouth

Immediately, I was blown away with how well Endangered Species Chocolate I tasted. In no way could any other brand of chocolate that I’ve ever tasted get close to competing.

The way it crumbled and melted, to the much richer and deeper taste, my taste-buds were assaulted by all the natural unprocessed ingredients that they use. I could definitely tell that they put a lot of time and effort into making this chocolate. All without falsely advertising how natural and healthy it is for you.

Even the thickness of this bar is exceptionally superior. And it’s still way lower in calories and fat. This is a good sign, that they use way better ingredients, and are way more ethical in their statements.

A few pieces left of Endangered Species chocolate.
A few pieces left of Endangered Species chocolate.

Endangered Species Chocolate Saves Wild Animals

The biggest surprise came not too long ago. On the front of the  wrapper,  they claim that ten percent of net profits are donated to fund the protection of endangered species. One day my buddy Louie got nosy, and opened the wrapper to see what it said on the inside.

To my surprise they include facts about different endangered species. And how environmental factors such as actions by humans, are decreasing the population of these different unique species. On this particular wrapper they gave some very interesting, and sad truths about the Jaguar, that is the largest wild cat in North America. The Jaguar is a very beautiful, and amazing hunter with the strongest bite of any cat in the world.

Inside part of Endangered Species chocolate wrapper.
Inside part of Endangered Species chocolate wrapper.

I like the fact that they donate funds to help reverse the decline of endangered species. Because I happen to be a big time animal lover myself. Instead of just buying a dark chocolate bar from some huge manufacturer, with all the funds going into the corporate executives pockets, I’m buying a way better tasting, and healthier dark chocolate bar, that’s also giving to a good cause. Now every time I take a bite, I know that I’m not only doing a good thing for my health, but also for the wild animal population.

Endangered Species Chocolate Is Highly Recommended

Would I recommend Endangered Species chocolate? My answer is, absolutely yes! The packaging is very creative and beautifully put together. This shows that they take a lot of time to make their products look great on the store shelves, and truly understand how to reach their target market.

They also put a lot of effort and heart into making their dark chocolate bars taste great,by using high quality and natural ingredients. Unlike many other manufacturers, there’s no false advertising or claims just to get you to buy their chocolate bars, just to be hugely disappointed.

It shows how ethical this company truly is. And makes me want to continue to only buy their dark chocolate over all the other garbage brands that exist on the market. And let’s not forget that they are doing something about helping the endangered species, such as the Jaguar which would be a complete shame to see disappear forever. It shows that they aren’t just out to make money, but to also do a good cause.

With such a worthy cause and how great their dark chocolate is, I’d say that they are on the right road to true YUMMINESS!!

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