Xootr MG Scooter on chair at restaurant.
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Xootr Scooter Night Ride

For the last two nights I’ve went on a ride with my Xootr Scooter. The Xootr Scooter rode exceptionally well, and was better at night riding than I expected. At first I was a bit worried because different reviews online stated that the Scooter is dangerous riding over rocks and rough surfaces. Many have claimed that any small pebble or imperfection will cause you to fall forward.


Then again, I was scared to ride this scooter when it first arrived for the same reasons. It sat at my house for weeks before I finally built up the courage to try it out. I had a smaller scooter that I was riding at the time, and it never gave me any problems.


After I rode it a few a times, I realized that it was not as dangerous as everyone claimed. In fact, this is not only the smoothest scooter I’ve ever ridding, but also the fastest. In my other post, “The Xootr MG Is The Best Adult Scooter, PERIOD!” I explain how this high-end adult kick scooter is the best on the market.


Of course there are a few safety precautions that have to be taken, like riding a bike. You must wear the proper safety gear and always follow all the rules of the road. I’ll discuss this further in a bit. For now, let’s discuss why this scooter is an excellent choice for commuting, whether it’s during the day or night time.


Disproving Some Xootr Scooter Myths

At first I was very reluctant to consider the Xootr MG Scooter as a serious commuting machine. Many reviews online have stated that the Xootr MG Scooter is plain out dangerous. Some have said that any little bump or imperfection in the road will cause it to topple over. The reason this scooter can be dangerous is because of the solid, hard tires. Unlike a bicycle, the tires are made of a hard polyurethane. This makes them a little bumpy while riding over rocks, and uneven surfaces.


The Xootr Can Be A Little Noisy Going Over Rocks And Rough Surfaces, But Not As Bas As Others Have Claimed

The scooter can also be a little noisy, because the frame being is made of aircraft grade aluminum. And the deck being made of military grade magnesium. Still, it’s not as noisy as every online guru claims, and I’ve never face planted. Many times when I ride over rocks, they just fly out from underneath the wheels. Also, it’s necessary to lean backwards a bit when riding over rocks or rough surfaces. And always apply the back brake first, and then follow-up with the front one. Just don’t apply them very hard when riding downhill, but the same principles also apply to riding a bike.


The Steering And Geometry On The Xootr Makes It Very Safe And Responsive

For large potholes, grates, or large debris in the road, swerving around them is very easy. Xootr gives all their scooters the proper geometry, and long wheelbase to allow for precise control. This is all aided with the reverse style fork that they put on the front of all their scooters. My Xootr feels very stable and safe while riding it.


Having Both Front And Back Brakes Makes The Xootr Stop Faster, And Safer During Dangerous Situations

As I’ve already hinted at, all Xootr’s have both front and back brakes. This is very uncommon, as most scooters only have a back foot brake. Whenever I am going downhill, I can control the speed by applying both brakes. It makes the scooter easier to stop, and is extremely helpful especially when coming to dangerous intersections. Intersections are where most accidents happen, and going at slower speeds gives you more time to react. I was able to stop at all intersections with no problem.

Xootr Scooters Are Super Portable

On this particular night, I was going to the East Ridge Diner & Steak House. This is my favorite restaurant to go to. They have a great menu, and they are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Upon arriving at the restaurant, dad and I both folded our Xootr Scooters.


The great thing about Xootr Scooters is that they can be brought anywhere. This makes them a favorite form of transportation for Urbanites. They are great for hopping onto buses and trains, because they fold small. And if you carry it with the shoulder strap, you can keep it close to your body. This prevents you from accidentally hitting someone with it. Plus, is allows you to carry it farther without your arm getting tired, even though it only weighs 10 lbs.


While at the restaurant we both ordered coffees, and a small meal while our Xootr Scooters were nicely tucked out-of-the-way.  My Xootr MG Scooter easily fit onto the chair beside me. While my dad just put his on the floor.


Xootr MG Scooter on chair at restaurant.
Xootr MG Scooter on chair at restaurant.


We stayed at the restaurant for a while, and by time we decided to leave, it was completely dark outside. Remember earlier when I mentioned the importance of wearing safety gear? Well, now I’m going to tell you some important tips to keep yourself safe, and most importantly, alive. Riding a kick scooter is no more dangerous than riding a bike. You just have to follow the rules of the road, and always bring your safety gear. SO LET’S GET STARTED!


Some Xootr Scooter Safety Precautions

While out riding a Xootr Scooter it’s important to include some safety gear, especially at night. On our way back home from the restaurant, my dad was riding behind me. I could see in my helmet mirror that all the drivers were switching lanes at the last-minute. This meant that they couldn’t see us in the dark.


Unlike on a bike, there’s no place to attach a rear tail light. To overcome this major issue, I attached a bright tail light onto the back of my helmet with a special strap. This is very important to take into consideration at night. Even during the daytime, bicyclists get ran over all the time. Motorists either don’t see them, or aren’t paying attention to the road. At night-time, it’s even more dangerous, unless you make yourself visible. With the proper reflective clothing and lights, you can improve your visibility to motorists greatly.


Xootr Scooters Have No Place To Attach A Rear Tail Light, But The One I Have Attached To My Helmet Saved The Night

My dad on the other hand, doesn’t have a tail light attached to his helmet. This makes it extremely difficult for motorists to see him at night. When I saw what was happening in my helmet mirror, I knew exactly what was occurring. As soon as I had my dad get in front of me, I could immediately see the difference in the way the motorists were reacting. All the drivers knew that we were there, and started switching lanes sooner.


350 lumen light on handlebar of Xootr MG Scooter.
350 lumen light on handlebar of Xootr MG Scooter.


Beam of light from 350 lumen light on Xootr MG Scooter.
Beam of light from 350 lumen light on Xootr MG Scooter.

It Doesn’t Matter Whether You’re On A Xootr Scooter Or Bike, Be Extra Careful At Intersections

At the last intersection we crossed, my dad almost got run over. He didn’t stop at the intersection fully, and wasn’t paying attention to the motorists. Half way through, a motorist went to turn right, and came very close to hitting him. Fortunately, he made it through safely. If he would have had a tail light, reflective clothing, and paid attention, this would have been prevented. They both exchanged a few hostile words, but otherwise nobody got hurt.


My dad uses the same front light as me. It’s a rechargeable light that easily straps onto the Xootr’s handlebars, and has 350 lumens. This allows me to see the road in front of me. Even though the Xootr rides over rough surfaces easily, and has great steering, I still have certain dangers to avoid with the 7 inch wheels. These wheels are much smaller and thinner than a bikes. This means that deep potholes and drain grates can swallow the wheels up, causing them to get stuck. Imagine going over 12 miles per hour and suddenly crashing. YES, THE XOOTR SCOOTER RIDES VERY FAST! With the front light, this isn’t an issue.


Some Other Important Safety Gear To Consider While Riding The Xootr Scooter

I’m also a big advocate of using other safety gear. No matter what type of personal transportation I ride, I always include the following safety gear.


  • Reflective helmet at all times.
  • Cycling gloves for grip and control.
  • Front and rear lights for at night.
  • Clear cycling glasses to protect eyes from debris at night.
  • Carry cell phone for emergencies.

This Is Not Just A Xootr Scooter Review

A while back I did a review of the Xootr MG Scooter called “The Xootr MG Is The Best Adult Scooter, PERIOD!“ If you’re looking for a detailed review, please check that article out. This post that you’re currently reading, is to prove that the Xootr MG Scooter is a serious commuting machine. And can even be ridden at night with the proper safety gear.


Recently I was given the title of Xootr Scooter Brand Ambassador and for a good reason. I am not only a proud Xootr MG Scooter owner, but have thoroughly tested this awesome machine out. I’ve logged quite a bit of miles on this awesome machine, and plan on doing many more.


The next steps I plan on taking is a bit of traveling with it. I plan on taking it on the planes and touring other places and with this beast. Of course, I’ll post all my incredible adventures here to share with you great Urbanites. Without all of you this blog wouldn’t be such the success it’s becoming.


Some Xootr Scooter Facts

Here it goes….

    • Xootr MG Scooter rides fast.
    • Capable of riding safely over bumps and rough surfaces.
    • Has front and back brakes.
    • Has excellent steering to avoid danger.



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