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Xootr Scooter Brand Ambassador! It’s Official!

Recently, Xootr officially made me a Xootr Scooter Brand Ambassador.


And I’m going to gloat and brag!!


Then again so would you, because this isn’t any plain old title.


Xootr Scooter Brand Ambassador is a very honorable title given to a select few.


Before I Was A Xootr Scooter Brand Ambassador, I Was A Customer

Before I became a Xootr Scooter Brand Ambassador, I was a dedicated customer. I truly believe that Xootr Scooter is the best adult kick scooter that money can buy. They not only ride exceptionally well, they are also super durable.


Back wheel of the Xootr MG Scooter.


Xootr Scooters Are Three Times Faster Than Walking

You can cover distances three times faster than walking. This is the result of having super low friction bearings and high quality wheels. Plus the deck is low and wide. I can guarantee that anybody who tries a Xootr Scooter will buy one, no matter what their age.

Jonathan Kelley has one. CHECK IT OUT!!!


This Xootr Scooter Brand Ambassador Will Use It For Travel

Recently, I asked Xootr Scooter how to protect my scooter from damage while traveling by plane. They replied by telling me that Xootr Scooters don’t need protection, due to how durable they are.


And if it gets damaged, they will repair it.


Xootr is so confident about how rugged their scooters are, that they can make guarantees like this.


I Love Xootr Scooters Customer Service

One time, my dad had a front wheel that was defective. He called Xootr to discuss the issue, while being sure they would give him a hassle. Instead, what he got was the best customer service ever. They admitted that a small batch of wheels were bad, and replaced with better ones. Within a few days my dad had a new wheel sitting on his door step, free of charge.


This is the main reason why Xootr Scooters have been in business for so long. Most companies wouldn’t be so honest or stand behind the quality of their products.


Xootr Scooter is totally different.


A Xootr Scooter Brand Ambassador Conclusion

That’s why I accepted the title of Xootr Scooter Brand Ambassador.


Xootr Scooters are the best adult kick scooters

Xootr Scooters are exceptionally well made and durable. Ride very smooth and fast due to their high quality bearings and wheels. And allow you to put both feet on their extra wide military grade magnesium deck.


Xootr Scooter offers outstanding customer service

Plus, they offer exceptional customer service by standing behind every single Xootr Scooter they manufacture out of Old Forge, Pennsylvania.


No wonder Xootr Scooter has been in business for over 20 years, and still going strong!!!!!



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