Xootr MG scooter kicks butt!

I’ll never forget the first time I laid eyes upon the Xootr MG. This adult kick scooter is nothing like the other brands that exist in the market at the current time. The Xootr MG is a pure master peice. It was love at first sight.

How I discovered the existence of the Xootr MG was from a folding and electric folding bicycle retailer known as NYCEWheels based out of  New York City. When I first became aware of adult kick-scooters existence I was watching reviews of different products that are sold by NYCEWheels on their YouTube channel.

I recently bought a Brompton folding bicycle from NYCEWheels and trusted their knowledge and expertise along with their customer service. At first I was kinda skeptical about the idea of buying an adult kick scooter because of the image of kids only riding them and adults looking completely ridiculous on them. Still I was intrigued by them and the more I learned about them the more curious I got.

My journey to discovering Xootr kick scooters

Not being sure if I’d like an adult-kick scooter or not I decided to buy a cheaper one from another well known brand with a great reputation. I figured that if I didn’t like the scooter it wouldn’t be that big of a deal seeing that I got it at a deep discount. To my surprise I not only liked this kick-scooter a lot it rode exceptional well compared to the old fashioned metal ones I remembered while growing up as a kid.

When I showed my dad the tiny lightweight adult kick-scooter he was completely uninterested in it as he’s basically the rough manly type. This all changed though once he stepped on it and within less than a week one arrived at his door step. We went out riding both our kick-scooters all over the place including grocery stores and restaurants. These scooters were well made and very light but only had room for one foot at a time on their tiny decks.

Xootr scooter mg wide standing deck.

Xootr scooter mg wide standing deck.

If only there was more room available to put two adult feet on the deck at the same time. After much debating and wondering if I was willing to pay for the much higher priced Xootr MG I finally took the leap and ordered one. I placed my order online on Amazon from Xootr scooter and only one day later a box arrived at my job. When I finally got home and opened the box I definitely got more than I expected.

Xootr scooter mg carry strap.

Xootr scooter mg carry strap.

Xootr scooters unmatched quality and workmanship

Stunned and impressed at the same time I didn’t know what to think of the Xootr MG. Immediately I could see the exceptional quality and workmanship that was put into manufacturing this king of the urban jungle machine. The deck that is made out of magnesium is nice and wide accommodating two adult feet at the same time with no problem. Two nice big wheels made out of high quality rubber with aluminum centers and high quality bearings rides like you’re floating on air.

Xootr scooter mg rear wheel fender brake.

With just a few kicks you can coast for what feels like an eternity. Another feature that is very useful is the chromoly steel handlebars that can be extended more than high enough from the aircraft grade aluminum shaft that steers the reverse style front wheel fork, adding superb stability. And unlike most adult kick-scooters that only have a back foot brake, the Xootr MG also has a BMX style hand brake adding way more braking power and safety while riding.

Xootr scooter mg hand brake.

Xootr scooter mg hand brake.

You cant beat the Xootr MG scooters portability

Compared to my Brompton folding bicycle that weighs around twenty five pounds the Xootr scooter is way more portable at only ten pounds. This makes it way easier to carry through stores or on a bus and there’s also a handy shoulder carry strap that also allows you to set the handlebar height perfectly every time. Just put the shoulder carry strap on your shoulder and you can carry the Xootr scooter for an extended period of time. I haven’t purchased one yet but they also have a high quality carry bag that you can use to take your Xootr scooter on a plane. I remember a video I watched a long time ago where a Military guy would bring his Xootr scooter everywhere he traveled to and he would commute for twenty miles at a time allowing him to explore different cities and countries.

Xootr scooter mg folded.

Xootr scooter mg folded.

Everyone including celebrities love Xootr scooters

When my dad first saw my Xootr MG scooter he was amazed just like everyone else who sees me riding it. Everyone comments on how stylish and well made it is. What was originally considered the perfect urban transportation solution for college students and urban dwellers has become a huge hit with celebrities like Tommy Chong and business men such as Steve Jobs. It’s a well known fact that one of the very few things that Steve Jobs kept in his office was a Xootr MG scooter.

A few days later my dad ordered a Xootr MG scooter from Xootr based out of Old Forge, PA in the color blue instead of the standard black that I preferred. Now whenever he rides a bus to the Downtown Rochester, NY area he brings his Xootr scooter and uses it to finish off the rest of his commute. Since his Xootr MG scooter arrived his other scooter has been sitting under his bed collecting dust.

What’s commuting on a Xootr scooter like

One day my dad called and wanted to meet for coffee and a bite to eat about two miles away. This was my chance to see how truly useful the Xootr MG scooter is for commuting and I have to say it didn’t disappoint. The low wide deck not only allowed me to put both feet on it but also provided efficient kicking due to the low height. All I had to do is kick a few times and the low friction wheels coasted for an extremely long time.

Upon coming up on a very long bridge this gentleman started crossing it at the same time I was but by time I got to the other side he was still only a quarter of the was across. When I arrived my dad looked at me with a puzzled look on his face while commenting on how soon I arrived. Instead of taking forty minutes to get to my destination it only took fifteen. That’s over twice the speed of walking with no extra effort.

Xootr scooter has exceptional customer service

My dad truly loves his Xootr MG scooter and loves to ride it whenever he can. He uses it to go to the stores, meet for lunch and even to go visit his sister. The day we discovered that chunks of rubber was coming off his front wheel you could see the huge concern on his face. Immediately he called Xootr and was expecting them to give him a hassle over a new wheel. Instead he got the best customer service that I’ve ever seen from a company. The guy on the phone admitted that they had many customers calling with complaints on that batch of wheels. A new front wheel was sent out immediately and within two days it arrived at his apartment door step.

Xootr scooter mg front wheel.

Xootr scooter mg front wheel.

Not only do you get an exceptionally well made scooter thats better than anything on the market but you also get amazing customer service from a very ethical company. They truly care about their customers and thats the very reason why they are still in business after twenty years. Even though their scooters cost a little more than the competition I’d highly recommend them seeing you’re getting a product that’s definitely built to last. And if it means anything to you they are manufactured right here in the good old United States.

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