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Xootr MG Scooter Kicks Butt!

The Xootr MG Scooter Tears Up The Pavement

You’ll never forget the first time you open the box, and unveil your Xootr MG scooter.

As I opened the box, I was expecting just another regular kick scooter. What I got instead, was eye candy overload.

The Xootr MG Scooter is a high styling, quick flying, smooth rolling, asphalt ripping, beast on wheels.

To compare it to the other brands that exist on the market, just wouldn’t be fair. This perfectly manufactured commuting machine, has an industrial design that says, I’m stunning, and I know it.

Riding this awesome scooter not only says you’re cool, but says you have an awesome sense of style.

What’s even more awesome than that is how it rides.

This monster rides so fast and smooth, you’ll give up your bicycle just like I did.

The Xootr MG Scooter Is A Pure Master Piece

Made out of the best materials available, the Xootr MG scooter is built to last.

The whole chassis is made out of aircraft grade aluminum. It’s handlebars are made out of chromoly steel.

And what’s super cool, is the fact that the whole deck is made out of magnesium.

We’re talking about the stuff that’s used in military applications here. Not that cheap junk you find on children’s and department store brands.

Xootr could have stopped there, and said good enough, but they didn’t. The one feature that I truly enjoy the most is that, you can put both adult feet on it at once.

It’s because, this bad boy is wide baby!

If The Xootr MG Scooter Is Good Enough For NYCEWheels, Than It’s Good Enough For Me

NYCEWheels in New York City couldn’t recommend this adult kick scooter enough. These amazing guys and girls put all the products they sell through tough, rigorous tests.

If they say it’s phenomenal, then I definitely believe them. They not only demonstrate everything they sell on YouTube videos, they will also let you test ride them at their store.

Plus I’ve ordered numerous products from NYCEWheels from their store, including a Brompton Folding Bicycle.

NYCEWheels has trucks loads of knowledge and expertise along with super duper customer service.

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The Xootr MG Scooter Isn’t Made For Kids

If you’re skeptical about riding an adult kick scooter, don’t be!

This Adult Kick Scooter isn’t your typical small wheeled, slow rolling kick scooter you’d find in a place such as Walmart.

You’re looking at an adult kick scooter, that’s manufactured in Old Forge Pennsylvania by Formula Race Car Engineers.

Many people in the industry consider this overkill, but for those that ride them, such as myself, there’s no such thing.

It’s time, you cleared the silly images out of your head, of children being the only ones riding kick scooters.

Everyday, I see more adults hopping onto these super portable and fun to ride, transportation wonders. Even a military guy on YouTube called nutnfancy rides one.

My Journey To Discovering Xootr MG Scooters

I made a huge mistake, and bought a cheaper, smaller kick scooter before buying the Xootr MG scooter.

The kick scooter had a super small deck, only allowing me to put one foot on the deck. There was also only a back brake, and the folding mechanism always felt a bit wobbly.

In my silly mind, I was thinking that I might possibly not like an adult kick scooter.

After all, this tiny adult kick scooter was heavily discounted on this well known brands website.

All the reviews highly rated it, and the kick scooter did have a modern stylish look to it.

It did ride good for having such small wheels, eliminating the memories I had of the old crappy metal ones, we all had when we were children.

My Dad Was The Harshest Critic To Ever Be Won Over By An Adult Kick Scooter

My dad is what’s considered a rough man. He’s the most stubborn man to convince of anything, living on the East Coast of the United States.

Everything he does, has to be as manly as possible, or he wants no part of it. And a grown man riding an adult kick scooter, was as unmanly as possible.

When he first came over to see what the big surprise was, that I didn’t tell him ahead of time, you should have seen the look on his face.

With massive skepticism, he had this snarly look on his face, followed by the words, “what the heck am I supposed to do with that”?

The manly defiance all melted away like butter, once he stepped onboard, and gave a few kicks.

He magically went from being this burly macho man, to a huge happy kid within minutes.

As you might have guessed, within less than a week, one arrived at his doorstep.

From that day on, everywhere pops went, the scooter rolled along. Dad turned into something that he never would have imagined, the biggest adult scooter fan the world has ever produced.

Then Came The Xootr MG Scooter, And Obsession Struck Hard

Xootr scooter mg wide standing deck.
Xootr MG Scooter wide standing deck.

Buying a Xootr MG Scooter was almost as exiting as winning the lottery.

For $269, the Xootr MG scooter might seem very expensive, but once you open the box and see the quality, you will immediately understand why.

As I mentioned earlier, my chin dropped as soon as I opened the box and saw this bad boy. I was completely speechless for over a couple minutes because I didn’t know what to think of it

I was very impressed with the quality. But want to know what really won me over?

The convenience of being ultra portable, weighing only 10 pounds, and the unmatched ride quality.

Compared to my folding bike, the Xootr MG scooter is much easier to carry into stores and restaurants.

I never have to worry about oiling the chain.

And the high quality aluminum wheels with low friction polyurethane tires never, need to be filled with air.

These wheels roll faster than lightning bolts strike.

My Xootr MG scooter is my favorite personal transportation machine that I own, even more than my Brompton folding bike.

Xootr scooter mg rear wheel fender brake.

Take a look at the safety features that the Xootr MG scooter offers. This mean machine has both back and front brakes to allow better stopping. Not many other adult kick scooters can claim the same.

Xootr scooter mg hand brake.
Xootr MG Scooter hand brake lever.

Everyone Including Celebrities Love Xootr MG Scooters

When my dad first saw my Xootr MG scooter he was amazed just like everyone else who sees it. Everyone comments on how stylish and well made it is.

Originally it was considered the perfect urban transportation solution for college students and urban dwellers.

It has since become a huge hit with celebrities like Tommy Chong and business men alike. Even Steve Jobs kept a Xootr MG scooter in his office at all times.

A few days later my dad ordered a Xootr MG scooter from Xootr in the color blue.

Now, whenever he rides a bus to the Downtown Rochester, NY area he brings his Xootr scooter and uses it to finish off the rest of his commute. Since his Xootr MG scooter arrived his other scooter has  bit the dust.

What’s Commuting On A Xootr MG Scooter Like?

One day my dad called and wanted to meet for coffee about two miles away. This was my chance to see how truly useful the Xootr MG scooter is for commuting.

And I have to say it didn’t disappoint. The low wide deck allowed me to put both feet on it, while also providing efficient kicking. All I had to do was kick a few times and the low friction wheels coasted, for a century.

Upon coming up on a very long bridge, this gentleman started crossing it at the same time.

By time I got to the other side, he was still only a quarter of the was across.

When I showed up, my dad looked puzzled over how soon I arrived.

Instead of taking forty minutes to get to my destination, it only took fifteen. That’s over twice the speed of walking, with no extra effort.

Xootr Scooter Has Exceptional Customer Service

My dad truly loves his Xootr MG scooter, and loves to ride it whenever he can.

He uses it to go to the stores, meet for lunch and even to go visit his sister.

The day we discovered chunks of rubber missing from his front wheel, we immediately called Xootr.

He was expecting them to give him a hassle over a new wheel.

Instead he got the best customer service that I’ve ever seen from a company.

The guy on the phone admitted, that they had many customers calling with complaints on that batch of wheels.

A new front wheel arrived just two days later, at his apartment door step.

Not only do you get an exceptionally well made scooter, you also get amazing customer service, from a very ethical company.

They truly care about their customers, and the very reason they’ve been in business for over twenty years.

Even though their scooters cost more than the competition, I’d highly recommend them, because you’re getting a product that’s definitely built to last.

And if it means anything to you, they are manufactured right here in the United States, in Old Forge Pennsylvania.

Xootr scooters makes the best adult kick scooters with the lowest rolling resistance of any small wheeled transportation, out of Old Forge, Pennsylvania. You can check out their amazing product line at their website at Xootr.com.

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